Comic 839 - Speculate about the bioprinters

Posted on 25th Mar 2018, 5:41 PM in Shipping Off to Southden
Speculate about the bioprinters

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Morgenstern 25th Mar 2018, 5:41 PM edit delete
While Fuse takes food to the Mars bunker, you continue to speculate about what Thale could be doing with the bioprinters.

"Is he bloodin' tha biopaste?," Caius asks. "If Thale could get every printer in tha city pumpin' out his blood, it could be that simple. Y'know... half his drug operation got wrecked, but screw it, move operations up a grade."

"While that is a terrifying idea," Dr. Finch states, "those that refill the biopaste are different companies from those that operate on the machines. Thale would likely need both to pull that off--bioprinting his control blood almost certainly requires organic components normal biopaste lacks, or Zone Fifty would have figured it out sooner. I can't begin to fully comprehend how much more, but alien blood cells--and by extension, bioprinted imitations of it--are more complex than our human blood cells."

"And," Michelle adds, "both o' those groups are different from the companies that keep the printers secure. We know Thale's got two outta the three on call--if him bloodin' every transfusion ain't a problem yet, it could be soon."

"Indeed," agrees Dr. Finch. "If Thale could conveniently put the extra components in the paste, AND program the printers to print HIS blood rather than any other types... he would have a shortcut to spreading his control throughout the middle and upper tiers. Anyone needing blood at a hospital would be indoctrinated."

"It might not be that heavy, though," Michelle says. "Right now, I'm thinkin' it's Carpenter."

"What, like Carpenter's behind it?," asks Caius.

"Nah," replies Michelle. "I mean--okay, so back at the hospital, durin' the Tobu hack--Carpenter was watchin' the whole thing, he was sendin' messages to Howler, he was basically designin' the monsters we fought on the fly. He was right there, had his grubby hands all up in it. Thale KNOWS Carpenter ain't gonna do him right--I told Thale his boy was gonna betray him, he acted like it was no big deal. Thale's gotta be prepared to cut the ol' cyclops outta the game."

Thale could take Carpenter's designs and pre-program them into the printers, like a series of macros. Then he'd be able to unleash Carpenter's horrible creature ideas without needing Carpenter to assist personally. Thale could be setting up to do what he did at the hospital... but anywhere, or everywhere, in the city... and do it whether Carpenter betrays him or not.

"Exactly," affirms Michelle. "It's turnin' into a standoff--Thale's settin' up the printers in case Carpenter turns on him, Carpenter's stolen the Many in case Thale turns on him. Neither of 'em might be plottin' anything, but they're both sleepin' with one eye open... which is fair, 'cuz I wouldn't trust either of those dirt bags either."

After carefully peeking to make sure he isn't doing anything... inappropriate, you contact Macland Row. You ask him if he knows anything about all this--the printer buyouts, Thale's plans for the bioprinters, any of it.

"Not anymore I don't," Macland replies. "The plan was for my company to take over all of Tobu's old contracts, use that momentum to steamroll some other small companies. It wasn't just about the bioprinters, though--MY company could work the whole cyberbrain market. Diversity is key if you want to make that money... and if you don't wanna get caught. Sounds like somebody's getting sloppy to me."

You tell him that, specifically, some relative unknown called Gargan Heart is suddenly grabbing up a bunch of bioprinter work throughout the city.

"Gargan?," Macland asks in an almost disgusted tone. "Come ooon! Patton's falling back on THAT old geezer?!"

You ask Macland if he knows which Gargan in particular it is, as you've heard there's a bunch of them.

"Yeah, yeah, but most of the Gargans are impudent little piss ants," he says. "Dumb kids that don't know their ass from their $500 watch. Nah, if Thale's schmoozing with a Gargan it has to be Douglas. The geezer's already throwing money at Brother Hope, and since he could keel over any day now Thale wouldn't have to worry about loose ends. Some of Doug's kids might be helping him run it, but I'd toss a crisp twenty down that Mr. Wrinkles himself is at the top of Gargan Heart. Just scare him a little, his age'll do the heavy lifting for you."


pkrankow 25th Mar 2018, 6:54 PM edit delete reply
Is that Willard behind the cabinets?

On the last page I suggested pulling the program from our new key card reader, running it on another machine, and looking specifically for the other key to open the new door the other way.

With two examples it may be possible to calculate the differences between the two keys and find other key card readers and their associated doors. This program will have to run on a third machine. Finch can look at this as well and see if he can see a correlation.

After the software is running, since I wouldn't expect any return than the second code to the police box door, Fuse should start looking into this Douglass Gargan.

I am not positive chasing this lead immediately is the best action, it does need followed up on. Having the bioprinters compromised is bad news.

We need to obtain a sample of Queen so we can test ownership on it by neutralizing it without contact with it. This may require a new, disposable, off site location. Possibilities include the school Edison destroyed...

We also need to follow up on the rare parts. Having legal documents for our new location (Great Britain?) would help considerably.
Blue_Elite 25th Mar 2018, 9:25 PM edit delete reply
It IS Willard. He was in that same spot last page as well. Where's Willard is a bit of a game. :3
PurpleKetchup 25th Mar 2018, 7:16 PM edit delete reply
Plenty of stuff to cover. We can start by delivering the parts to our friendly PJ neighbours, the more the merrier.
pkrankow 25th Mar 2018, 7:17 PM edit delete reply
Yes, this would be a, most likely, short errand.
Leafia_Barrett 25th Mar 2018, 7:19 PM edit delete reply
Fuse should start looking into Douglas. I agree that we should look into locating other card readers, but that's lower priority, I feel.

Also, ask how Macland's holding up. Any more nightmares, or is he doing alright? At some point we need to schedule a time to go through and actually excise Nil from his mind.
pkrankow 25th Mar 2018, 7:53 PM edit delete reply
Part of my argument on the card readers is it will take a day to set up, but will continue unaided.
Baron11704 25th Mar 2018, 8:58 PM edit delete reply
Check if thats willard behind the cabinets, it looks like him but it kinda doesnt
Baron11704 25th Mar 2018, 8:59 PM edit delete reply
Nvrmind i checked the past couple pages, you can see him more clearly in one of them
Blue_Elite 25th Mar 2018, 9:38 PM edit delete reply
I'm pretty sure I've said this before but I'll say it again: While I hate Macland as a person, I love his dialog.

So Douglas Gargan, Brother Hope, and Patton Thale appear to all be interconnected. We might be able to target Hope or Gargan as a weak link to expose Thale's cult involvement. If the change to the bioprinters is as sinister as we theorize, we might be able to get the feds on Thale through Gargan if we can expose said dark secret.
But I'm just speculating.