Comic 829 - Discuss the next step

Posted on 22nd Mar 2018, 2:35 PM in Shipping Off to Southden
Discuss the next step

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Morgenstern 22nd Mar 2018, 2:35 PM edit delete
You wake up to the sound of Michelle yelling.

You check in mentally just to make sure everything's okay; the shouting was, in fact, her reaction to finding out about last night's events.

You take some time to meditate before getting dressed and heading out, focusing on making sure everything's okay internally. You aren't secretly painkillered, everything's functioning normally... though you do mostly avoid looking at your brain, as per Dr. Finch's suggestion.

By the time you wander into the lab, Michelle has calmed down, and is looking at the ghost gun. Everyone's eating pancakes with fruit.

"I don't know how a gun can be this bulky and this dainty at the same time," Michelle says. "This is a baby grip. This grip is for babies. I feel like I'm gonna break it."

"Well, it was built by scientists," Dr. Finch replies, "and not soldiers. I'm sure proper combat ergonomics were the least of their concerns."

"Built by nerds, for nerds," Caius adds.

You greet everyone, and ask what the news is.

"I'm an outlaw," Michelle replies in a gruff voice.

"Yeah, Michelle's face was on the news," Fuse adds. "Police are officially looking for her. They were using pics of her with the burn, though, so no pressure on disguising her. I already told our Mars pals we got them a way out, we just need to steal a bus or something."

"Caius and I did a closer examination of the card reader in Ilworth," Dr. Finch states. "Our tests suggest the door works on the same data that ours does in the city. The Bunker A credentials still open to Bunker A, and so on. There are some mildly unnerving implications there in regard to potential threats from other bunker entrances."

"But, since we already got thirty other problems," Michelle says, "and we don't have a way to track down what other bunkers got key systems yet... well, we're just gonna have to deal."

"I'll secure the Ilworth door like I did ours when I get a chance," Fuse offers. "I don't think it's in as much danger as the one in our city, though."

You have some pancakes, and begin discussing what the next step should be.

"A motorcycle could fit through tha bunker doors," Caius suggests. "I'm jus' throwin' it out there."

"Yeees," replies Michelle. "Damn right."

"We could also try to fix up one of the old cars sitting around Ilworth," Fuse continues, "but that's not as totally rad."

"Bein' an outlaw on a motorcycle aside," Michelle says, "We should look into body armor. If we make the trip to Southden, we're gonna be overextended and exposed--we don't know the layout, we don't know where to hide, we don't got connections there and we can't get back to the bunker as quick."

"Oddly," Dr. Finch speaks up, "body armor may not be all that critical over there, though I absolutely agree with your other points. Firearms are heavily regulated in that region. Even among their police, guns are limited to specific firearms officers."

"They ain't private cops, either... right?" Michelle asks.

"They are not!," replies Dr. Finch. "Police are strictly government controlled. Batons, tasers, pepper spray and sheer numbers are how they generally stop criminals. We should see very few guns there."

"Which also means we gotta do a damn good job of hidin' our guns," Michelle says. "And body armor might look suspicious."

"Cybernetics are pretty regulated, too," Fuse states. "I was looking into it this morning. Mechanical prosthetics have to be licensed and registered. So... no shorts for me."

Dr. Finch adjusts his glasses. "Their body of government is also rather... erm... well..."

"Mutant racist," Fuse finishes. "Yeah. You can say it, I saw that, too. The bigger cities straight up don't allow mutants. Southden's a little more lax about it, though."

"So, we need to figure out who's doin' what," Michelle affirms. "Who's headin' to Southden, and who's diggin' around Ilworth if we're gonna mess with it. If we're gonna be movin' Z and the gang over there, we might need to get 'em fake IDs and stuff."

"We should prob'ly check on Jury, too," Caius adds. "See if she's on her way back yet."


Nayru9572 22nd Mar 2018, 3:37 PM edit delete reply
Ok, I propose Jane goes, then. Caius as well if they don't hold anything against lab meat (not sure if that counts as being a mutant).
Portal In Time 22nd Mar 2018, 3:55 PM edit delete reply
Portal In Time
If lab meat,’s fine, then I agree. Caius would be great to have around, and Michelle only just became wanted.
Blue_Elite 22nd Mar 2018, 4:52 PM edit delete reply
Keep in mind as lab meat, there are a batch of other, "Michelles," running around out there. Her face being repaired is an incredible disguise. We probably don't have to worry too much until Thale realizes the change.
undeadDreamer 22nd Mar 2018, 3:40 PM edit delete reply
Keep in mind how little time it's been.
Twyll 22nd Mar 2018, 3:49 PM edit delete reply
Do they have tube cops as well? Are Michelle and Caius likely to provoke scrutiny?

How do they enforce the "no mutants" thing-- do they have some way of sensing mutants? Mutant-sniffing dogs or something? (Also, we should see about getting a dog to help us learn how to disguise scents by testing our scent-disguising abilities. Oh! And we're not wanted across the pond, so we can go to a local pet store without worrying for our safety!)

Are there visas required for extended travel? Will we need to show passports a lot?

This place sounds much more well-regulated than our home city, which means it'll likely be safer when it comes to not getting randomly attacked in the street, but also it'll be much harder to do sneaky things.
Fishbulb 22nd Mar 2018, 5:58 PM edit delete reply
I agree that the gang should acquire a doge. Much sniff. Very odor.

Seriously though, being able to decode the scratch and sniff crates would be a good ability to invest some skill points in.
Rodrigo 4th Jan 2019, 4:14 AM edit delete reply
Hella old, I'm just catching up now: recent research has shown that while dogs have more sensitivity to smell, cats can discriminate between a wider variety of smells. The only real issue is getting a cat motivated, but they're blooded so :)
Portal In Time 22nd Mar 2018, 3:52 PM edit delete reply
Portal In Time
I don’t know how I feel about checking in on Jury. For all we know she’s got an anti-Jane sensor a-la terminator, or somethin.

We haven’t seen any people besides those in the lower tiers who have unnatural hair colors. With this be a signifier of Fuse’s mutantism? If he looks fine, then he should be fine.

As for not having any associates in Southden, maybe we could ask Lydia if she knows anybody and could put in a good word?
Blue_Elite 22nd Mar 2018, 5:16 PM edit delete reply
If Jury has an anti-Jane whatever, it sure as heck didn't trigger when we hugged her (ah sweet, sweet memories).
Portal In Time 23rd Mar 2018, 11:02 AM edit delete reply
Portal In Time
I know this is like two updates past by the time I write this, so the odds of you actually seeing it are pretty slim. But I meant after Jury’s “tune-ups” and system checks, maybe something was discreetly implemented that makes her a murder machine or something when she detects Jane.
Madd 22nd Mar 2018, 4:05 PM edit delete reply
Look into immigration for other there.

If we can't have them live in Southden reasonably, we could live in Ilworth and get supplies whenever we need to.

Put a flower in everyone's hair, and then check that fuse actually slept.

We could go with Finch to Southden.
Archon 22nd Mar 2018, 4:30 PM edit delete reply
Should see about getting some fake I.d.`s, just in case.
skybirds15 22nd Mar 2018, 4:50 PM edit delete reply
So we need to make sure our new buddy pals Zane, Crease, Mav, and cult man whose name i can't remember aren't mutants. Otherwise, we'll have to pull a reverse migrant and secret them to Europe.
Blue_Elite 22nd Mar 2018, 5:13 PM edit delete reply
So much to comment on:
Liking the new looks. Getting an April O'Neil vibe from Jane. Michelle looks like a pirate. Caius looks like he's wearing a Christmas sweater. X3
Also I see Fuse decided to, "entrust," the flower we gave him charge of to Baby Red II. He's pullin' double dutty now. :3

Let's do a checkup on Caius. If he appears to have a green bill of health, we can take him to Southden (where his hand-to-hand skills may be handy). If he looks like he still needs time to heal, I'm thinking having him investigate Ilworth. We can swap Michelle as necessary (so we've got muscle in both locations).
As much as I hate to sideline Fuse on technicalities, he's got 2 strikes against him being both a mutant and having a prosthetic leg. Let's have him be on team Ilworth. As a bonus, it's an easy decision to have Dr. Finch go to Southden.
IF we bring Pierce and Co., I'd say have Pierce investigate Ilworth and, "the Zenes," go with us to Southden. We are totally going to come off as tourists, might as well give off the proper vibe with a whole family of whatever-nationality-we-are (I'm assuming American based on the whole, "across the water," thing).

If we go out shopping (for motorcycles or whatever other items), I'd also like to propose we get some new hair dye (black) and actually DO SOMETHING with all that hair we have. I'm thinking Pigtails. Along with Michelle's face it'll be a nice upgrade to our disguise.
Also just going to throw this out there: we might want to consider getting a parrot or other talking bird to blood (along with lots and lots of feed) to give to Grizwald. That would then effectively be a, "cellphone," for him. It's kinda ridiculous but then, so is Grizwald.

And finally agree to updating Jury on things/getting update from her.
Wote 22nd Mar 2018, 5:58 PM edit delete reply
I'm not sure Finch is a good choice for the first trip to Southden. There's likely to be a trap waiting for us. But, at the same time, Fuse is probably out and I don't want to take both Caius and Michelle to Southden unless we're certain Ilworth's going to be safe until we get back.

So, if we bring Finch, we need to make sure we have a plan for what he'll do if trouble breaks out. I feel like Finch'll do better if there's a plan for him to follow.
Wote 22nd Mar 2018, 6:00 PM edit delete reply
Also, I agree that if Caius is fit to go, we bring him. He's probably more experienced dealing with situations where his tactical options are limited relative to what Michelle's used to. Plus, if something goes down in Ilworth, Michelle being able to use weapons may be the better call.
Leafia_Barrett 22nd Mar 2018, 5:34 PM edit delete reply
So Fuse is definitely a poor choice for Southden. Also, I propose that we just not bring guns. We do not need to be wanted criminals in 2 countries, please for the love of all that is good in the world let's not risk that.

Run a check-up on Caius, then get in touch with Jury and Lydia/Grizwald.

From my previous list, this is what's still valid:
-Check on the animals
-Get in touch with Jury
-Get in touch with Lydia or Grizwald
-Finish fixing up Caius
-Give Fuse's equipment a look - does anything need fixing? Anything we can add to the kit to help?
-Prepare to explore Ilworth and send a party to Southden, decide on who's going where

EDIT: To put it onto paper as an official vote:
Jane/Finch/Caius to Southden
Fuse/Michelle to Ilworth
Wote 22nd Mar 2018, 5:41 PM edit delete reply
I can agree on this front. We also may want to consider having Caius and Michelle running a perimeter sweep of Ilworth before we head for Southden, just so the folks who hang back can expect some measure of safety.
pkrankow 22nd Mar 2018, 7:20 PM edit delete reply
No guns. Knives, clubs, saps, and half-brick in a sock might be out too. Sturdy socks and find a halfbrick or pound of sand might be the way to go.

No prepared syringes (and make sure a suitable injectable medicine is packed, like insulin if any syringes)

Caius and Finch are good choices for Southden. Michelle is heavier as cavalry if an armed escape is needed.

Local burner phones might be handy, or phones that we have possesed for long enough the distance is not suspicious.

We are going to run afoul of traffic laws if we use anything more advanced than a bicycle... as cool as a motorcycle would be. How far is Southden? Under 20 miles or 32km it should be fine assuming fair passable roads. Dirtbikes or mountain bikes might have advantage with unknown road conditions.