Comic 809 - Discuss Bunker E

Posted on 18th Mar 2018, 8:16 PM in No Easy Way Out
Discuss Bunker E

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Morgenstern 18th Mar 2018, 8:16 PM edit delete
You explain what, uh... what all you recalled from the church.

"...Alright," Caius replies.

"That's pretty heavy," says Fuse.

You specifically ask Mom's red what this means in regard to you. Are you 'true life'...? How would Mom normally have reproduced...?

"That's never a question ya wanna ask," Caius remarks.

"Your mother, in a sense, circumvented the rules," speaks the mouth on the wall. "Beings like her would not normally create beings like you... only beings like me. I am a part of what she was, able to blossom and change, but still very limited in my being. For you to come into existence, she made herself very much human. If... I were required to speculate, that may be why--how--she passed. I doubt it was enough to simply imitate the human shape to take its properties. She needed to be human, as near as possible, to make what you describe as true life. By becoming so close to human, and following the procedures of human spawning... you were made. Human, but not wholly. Your father and mother both in body, unique in all ways non-physical."

You point out that, though she followed the procedures of human spawning, you came out of an egg. That's, uh, not standard procedure.

"Holy shit," Caius exclaims. "I am learnin' today."

Dr. Finch clears his throat. "If I may, I'm... attempting to sort out for myself how this could have occurred. My personal theory--which amounts to my best guess, at this point--is that your mother used the red, or her capacity to manipulate her own body, to... produce egg cells. Mostly human, imitating human in all the ways necessary to make reproduction function... but also imbuing the offspring with her own DNA in every facet that wouldn't upset the process too dramatically. For such a... bizarre, experimental process, there would be a few caveats. ...Such as, perhaps, you being hatched from an egg? It may also have been a conscious decision, if your mother was concerned about carrying you to term and what effect that could have."

"Wow," says Fuse. "That answers questions I didn't even know I had. Thanks everybody."

There is still one, specific mystery--Mom didn't blood people, right? ...How did she keep Dad alive so long?

"Marriage," says Fuse.

Everyone stops and stares at him. He shrugs.

"So, you can manipulate your body, right? Like, that's the cool new trick you've picked up from all this," Fuse continues.

Yes, you clarify. You can move materials between your body and your red, as you consider both to be you. You can move or exchange materials inside, say, Michelle, but you can't move materials from Michelle to you or your red because Michelle isn't you. You have power over Michelle, but she isn't you. If Mom never blooded Dad, she shouldn't have had control over him, and thus shouldn't have been able to move or change things inside him.

"Unless--" Fuse says, "they were the same being. If your Mom was your Dad was your Mom, she could alter his body. They'd both be her, as far as the blood cares."

Caius squints. "You think Blondie's dad was an alien, too? THA SAME ALIEN?"

"No..." Dr. Finch begins, tapping his own cheek. "No no no, I see what you're saying. It's purely psychological." He adjusts his glasses, staring at you. "You could manipulate the eye, because you believed it was part of your body. You could not manipulate the bone, because you did not believe it was part of your body. If your mother believed her human husband was part of her..." He pauses. "...but why would she believe that? What could convince her, wholeheartedly, utterly, that with no biological connection she and her husband were one entity...?"

"I told you," Fuse replies. "Marriage. Imagine Blondie's dad explaining marriage to an alien that's never heard of it. Two people are brought together, they form a union, their souls become one, 'til death do they part, the whole thing. She'd take it incredibly seriously."

There's a long silence... and Dr. Finch's eyes widen behind his glasses. "My god, I think you're right. That... she would... she could very conceivably take the metaphors of their holy union at face value. No alien blood in his body, no sense of possession... her husband was not her thrall, she simply considered him to be one with her, allowing her to manipulate him internally and thus increase his longevity. Without the physical presence of her blood in him, he wouldn't be at risk of stretching thin when she passed away. That... it... it's ridiculous but I can't form much of an argument against it."

Caius throws his hands up. "Y'all have totally lost me."

"Marriage is very special," Fuse says with a grin. "That's all you need to take away from this."

"Can we get back to talkin' about tha bunker?," Caius asks.

You suggest sending an automaton into Bunker E, since there's no knowing what's in there.

"Slight problem," Fuse says. "I think our last camera's still hiding out in the warehouse. Unless we wanna retrieve it, we might be stuck making a robot out of a camera phone."

"I... have an idea, perhaps. An experiment," Dr. Finch states. "Keeping with the spirit of things, it is rather ridiculous, I must warn you."

Caius and Fuse both grin.

"Oh, yeah, we need to hear it then," Caius responds.

Dr. Finch nods, and breathes out slowly. "You regularly send signals of some kind through your red, yes? Yes. It's presumably how you communicate orders from your own brain to ours--via electrical signals that pass through the red, not through physical, perceivable space. Pulling from the red is dangerous, granted--you risk pulling too much, or pulling the wrong thing. Putting things inside the red is a risk, I imagine, as you could risk being unable to retrieve them. Passing things through the red seems to work perfectly fine as long as those things are... small? Like electrical signals...?"

The grins have faded. Caius looks confused, Fuse looks like he's about to start an interrogation.

"What are you thinking?," Fuse asks. "How small? What are you wanting to pass through the red, Dr. Finch?"

Feeling the stares upon him, Dr. Finch is silent for a moment. He gathers his courage. His voice is quiet.

"An optic nerve," he states simply.

"Ohhh hell no," Caius exclaims.

"I'll give it to you," Fuse says, "that IS ridiculous. You're suggesting she... what, portals the inside of her head, uncorks her eye and straps it to the golem? Daaamn, man, I don't know."

"The entire eye may even be too much!," Dr. Finch declares. "The nerve may be too much, I'm merely speculating. The experience may be too uncomfortable, there may be unforeseen risks, I'm merely..."

Dr. Finch gives the smallest shrug.

"Merely throwing it out there?"

Caius shakes his head. "We got phones, man. Phones got cameras. We could just use a phone again."

Fuse nods. "We have, like, a whole robot in the warehouse not doing anything. We could just... grab it."

You consider it. You've... turned yourself into a portal before, but as you've come to understand it, that entailed flipping yourself inside out. You... could, theoretically, do that much smaller--maybe "portalling" right where the eye connects into the...

you think you could do it, and it could be good practice. You are also 100% sure it would not be any sort of fun, and screwing it up could get weird very quickly.


Wote 18th Mar 2018, 9:18 PM edit delete reply
Screw it. Better to do the weird shit while we're not being shot at than when we have to do the weird shit. Plus, the sooner we figure something like this out, the sooner we get to do the fun stuff! :D
LytharWolfe 18th Mar 2018, 9:21 PM edit delete reply
I reluctantly agree, but only because any other idea would require us to do more in the city we're trying to escape.
rufiangel 18th Mar 2018, 9:23 PM edit delete reply
I think we should try it. Should things go awry, uh, morbid though this is, we could always print another eyeball lawlz
Archon 18th Mar 2018, 9:25 PM edit delete reply
Bit unnecessary, innit?
Why not just, y'know.
Make a new eye. On the golem.
Doesn't have to be very good as long as it can see.
Archon 18th Mar 2018, 9:34 PM edit delete reply
Just, get a bowl or something.
Fill it with blood, have it form an eye. Plug eye into golem.
Not quite the fancy blood alchemy I was pushing for before, but its a decent proof of proof of concept.
undeadDreamer 18th Mar 2018, 9:25 PM edit delete reply
Let's do this! Eye portal time.
pkrankow 18th Mar 2018, 9:36 PM edit delete reply
Wow. The power of marriage. So Mom was possibly, maybe likely a "fraction" but somehow, probably because of Dad became more and able to spawn what is apparently "true life" ie: us, her daughter. Mom's red specifically considers herself different, less than Jane.

pkrankow 18th Mar 2018, 10:25 PM edit delete reply
This is how we can defeat Thale. If we are in a position to consider the city ours we can eject the imposter without blooding or making thralls.
pkrankow 18th Mar 2018, 9:39 PM edit delete reply
Maybe start with a printed eye? This has potential, and can work. Have Fuse set up the phone as backup, it will potentially allow voice if needed.

Ask Mom's about an extension taking injury. I would hate to be disabled by a tazer shot, poison, or some other effect to the remote eye
Leafia_Barrett 18th Mar 2018, 9:39 PM edit delete reply
I... aaaa where's my pause menu, I need a save file to fall back on. ;w;

*sigh* Just... tell Finch to go start up the bioprinter, and tell the others that looking away might be wise because this could get unpleasant to watch.
Portal In Time 18th Mar 2018, 9:39 PM edit delete reply
Portal In Time
The others are saying we could go ahead and portal the eye over, and I guess that can work fine and dandy. But I'd like to suggest that we extend the optic nerve a small bit before we send it off into god-knows-where, so we don't risk portaling into our brain. It'd be kinda gross to look at, having a long and partially cut off optic nerve sticking a little bit out of our head, but whatever. Brain Damage 2: Electric Boogaloo isn't something I necessarily want to look forward to, here.
Twyll 18th Mar 2018, 10:07 PM edit delete reply
I am still a bit unclear on what exactly Finch wants us to try doing, but uh, we can try it I guess! Let's take small steps, but decisive ones.

I mostly just wanted to comment to let you know how utterly delighted I am with Caius and Fuse's commentary.
Blue_Elite 18th Mar 2018, 10:09 PM edit delete reply
Interesting info. This'd also explain why we were never told about our heritage. So long as we thought of ourself as human we WERE human. Heck, that rule may still apply and the only reason we're still human now is that we think of ourself as a hybrid that is still mostly human on the physical level.
This also brings up some very serious concerns. If we indulge our eldritch side too much, we may literally lose our humanity. What's more, if the whole, "First Womb," thing is correct, if we go full-on eldritch blood god we might feel a sudden compulsion to drink deep of worlds. Think back to Sword Arm(s) and how we were compelled to just stand there and watch him burn.
Just a consideration for why we might want to hold back on using "blood mode" (I'm calling it that so we can call being Jane "meat mode") to tap into our full blood-god powers.

All that said, we are currently being targeted by an artificial blood god who is also a whatever-aire and has access to vast resources to try to kill us and subjugate the world. We really need to practice using "low-level" blood abilities just to survive and stop a possibly global calamity. Let's go ahead and practice this blood portalling technique. Even if things get weird, it's still an ability that'd be very useful and that we specifically can do in meat mode.
Wote 18th Mar 2018, 10:14 PM edit delete reply
Agreed on all points. Mom went to a lot of trouble to make sure Jane came into being, and I don't want to squander that gift because we couldn't find a way to keep in Meat Mode.
pkrankow 18th Mar 2018, 10:16 PM edit delete reply
Yea. Going full blood might not be what we want to do. Humanity is a step above the imortal blood in some important ways. The true life bit is quite a big deal and we really want to keep it.
Wote 18th Mar 2018, 10:18 PM edit delete reply
I also don't want to devour the universe if we don't have to. We keep a lot of important stuff here, like all our friends.
Madd 18th Mar 2018, 10:17 PM edit delete reply
Let's grow an eye in a bowl full of blood and use that.

Or just warp out optic nerve.
skybirds15 18th Mar 2018, 10:40 PM edit delete reply
You know, all this talk made me think of something relevant. We could just... clone Jane. Just make a pool of blood on the floor and presto, another us. Dependent on how solipsist the clone process is, it would either just be a remote body for the main-Jane or another, 'separate' Jane. Either way's pretty useful for us and either gives us manpower on demand or however many clones we can control on demand and backup bodies in case the one we're using bites it.