Comic 805 - Replace your eye

Posted on 15th Mar 2018, 7:40 PM in No Easy Way Out
Replace your eye

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Morgenstern 15th Mar 2018, 7:40 PM edit delete
You tell Dr. Finch that you want to replace your eye, but you also want to try and do more with your newfound material moving/changing powers.

You take some raw biopaste, and attempt to shape it. ...It's gross, and disappointingly, you can't seem to do anything with it. Like the bone that was wedged in your eye socket before, it's not part of your body.

Maybe if you injected it...?

"Even if you did," Dr. Finch says, "would you think of it as part of you? Could you convince yourself that the biopaste in your veins was your biopaste? Or would knowing that you injected it solely for the purpose of fooling yourself prevent you from fooling yourself?"

Dr. Finch prints you an eye. It takes a couple of minutes, the bioprinter buzzing loudly and producing questionable smells. He helps you put the eye into your head... but doesn't follow through on actually connecting it to anything.

"Fix your eye, if you would," he says with bated breath.

You have to sync with him, briefly, just to be certain about the specifics. You carefully reconnect your own optic nerve, completely by willing it.


Your eye isn't sized right. You can feel it, just... slightly off as you're trying to get everything else (the muscles around the eye, for instance) back into place.

It doesn't take much--just a slight readjustment of mass. You draw on the smallest amount of blood, converting it into more... well, more eyeball. It takes a little trial and effort, but you eventually get your eye the way you want it.

Dr. Finch smiles. "Your eye. Do you recall, back at the hospital--over a month ago now... when you were being chased through the ventilation by that monster? Enough of your blood coated the inside of the vent that you could squeeze the vent itself, and crush the beast. The inside of the vent. Your blood shouldn't have recognized that. A ventilation shaft is a man-made concept, even 'inside' and 'outside' are relative ideas. It's a series of bolts, of metal sheets, of constituent parts... why would your biology identify the 'inside' of a 'vent' as such?"

You remember having that thought, too, when you started to understand your powers better. You didn't dwell on it much, but it did strike you as strange.

"I began thinking about it more after we were synced for so long," Dr. Finch states. "As well as the implications of it. Larger objects require more blood, certainly, but what defines an object to you? You control human beings via the brain, yes? Yes. If you sought to control a car, would you need to soak the interior, or merely enough blood for the engine? Newer vehicles are heavily operated by computers, that would make things substantially easier... there's so many off-beat possibilities.

Knowing now that you can manipulate and alter what you believe to be your materials inside your body raises whole new questions. You can pull blood and bone and musculature from the red--were they already in that state, or would you be defining their physical substance as you draw them through? Is it an extension of the same principle, with your body and your red both simply defined as you? Is the untapped red something akin to our biopaste, or is it somehow without physical body until defined? I have so many questions, but we have so many more things to be doing than experimenting."

You tell Dr. Finch that Willard is fine, and is on his way back right now.

It takes a second to sink in, at which point Dr. Finch gives a small sigh of relief. He nods, smiling again.

"Thank you," he says. "I... didn't want to bring it up. It felt inappropriate, to ask about one rat when so many lives were lost and endangered today. I... appreciate you taking care of him."


Archon 15th Mar 2018, 9:30 PM edit delete reply
Its an interesting line of thought.
And I feel that it raises a question.
One which, if the tools are available, I think we can answer.

Said tool being a large bowl or other container filled with the blood.

A mortar/pestle and other alchemical tools would be appreciated, but are hardly necessary for this proof of concept test.
Twyll 15th Mar 2018, 9:33 PM edit delete reply
Huh, I was thinking that would work. Well then, it seems like we've got to work on Jane's meditation and visualization skills, and some autohypnosis-- so Jane can tell herself "this biopaste is part of me," and really believe it :P
PurpleKetchup 16th Mar 2018, 1:51 AM edit delete reply
She could just, y'know...

Eat the paste.

Digestion is the easiest way humans have to turn something not-self into more self.
Let's just hope they make it in cotton candy flavours.
Nayru9572 16th Mar 2018, 1:55 AM edit delete reply
Good idea... although I fear ingesting what's literally raw , processed human meat would just be so disgusting it'd come right back up.
Blue_Elite 16th Mar 2018, 2:37 AM edit delete reply
If we eat it it'd essentially be food at that point (which there are better alternatives to food than biopaste). Digestion doesn't leave things intact, much less usable/integratable.
It'd be like trying to get spider traits by swallowing a spider. Unless you stop it from hitting the stomach, it's going to just become a spider slurry in that acid bath.
Swagner 16th Mar 2018, 9:42 AM edit delete reply
Hmm... tastes,like prion disease.
Mochi 15th Mar 2018, 9:45 PM edit delete reply
it meant a lot to you, finch. of course we would do everything we could to make sure he'd be fine.

also twyll is on to something.
Macheman7 15th Mar 2018, 10:03 PM edit delete reply
Do you remember waaay back when enaJ mentioned something about our powers are also related to emotion?
Just noting. Leaving it to greater minds to figure out what to do with it.
Also, Dr. Finch is the best person and I love you Fiiinch.
Blue_Elite 15th Mar 2018, 10:45 PM edit delete reply
Certainly food for thought. On that note, we should get food for a our belly.

I'm thinking tacos (and something for Willard and Mocha if we go out).
Also reminder we need to update Jury and Grizwald/Lydia of the whole, "Thale has an army of magical-mutants and might try to summon something even bigger."
Swagner 15th Mar 2018, 11:28 PM edit delete reply
Finch says we have bigger things to be doing than experimenting, but that might not be entirely true. Earlier on, I think it was Michelle who said that Thale "learned how to mind control and then stopped", implying our biology tricks were more creative than his. Recent experience indicates that this is no longer the case. We may need to learn (i.e. experiment) more to be able to fight him on an equal footing in the future.
lil Joshu 16th Mar 2018, 5:06 PM edit delete reply
lil Joshu

Things on my list:

- Make a backup brain to blood & red.
- externalizing blood-ball (our own mini-little-red for the express purpose of making more blood so we don't have to keep jabbing ourselves each time to fill a syringe
- See if we can -internalize- something. Movement is two way; if we can take stuff out of red, we should be able to put stuff in it.
- Practice better regeneration, and follow up that with manifesting bone claws and yellow spandex (j/k on the second part... although might be fun to do make a super-hero costume for the fun of it... what do we think of the name "Old One Girl"?
- See if we can leverage our new skill into some shapeshifting (change skin color? Hair color? height, weight, proportions, number of arms?)

Edit: A super hero name could be a lengthy discussion, moving it to a lower comment before it starts!)

I have lots of follow up things I want to experiment with, but this is a good start.
Crestlinger 15th Mar 2018, 11:28 PM edit delete reply
At last we come to the key the title presents.
And it's a Big one.
Blood is mine can now apply to Anything blooded.
This is mine. This is mine. THIS is mine.
Tread carefully however. Grafting has its own risks, eldritch or not:
Guost 16th Mar 2018, 12:47 AM edit delete reply
He printed the wrong size eye on purpose, didn't he?
Nayru9572 16th Mar 2018, 1:57 AM edit delete reply
Now that I think about it, we should ask Pierce what he knows about the church sending sword-hand man and the Many after us when we were trying to get to Crease.
Memo 16th Mar 2018, 4:57 AM edit delete reply
Seems that if we have our blood running through it, it's considered part of us, and we can then manipulate it.
That goes both for the new eye, and the ventilation tube, back in the day.
pkrankow 16th Mar 2018, 6:46 AM edit delete reply
Having blood in it changes the reference point. We DON'T NEED to have blood in it, just a sense of ownership and presence. In principle we should be able to control inanimate objects without directly blooding the object, at least in close proximity to ourself. It is ownership, presence, and frame of reference... we need to work on alternative reference frames. Maybe take up playing marbles or dice for a bit. Sanitized objects we contact should be under our influence, at least while we are focused.
Warp 16th Mar 2018, 12:08 PM edit delete reply
We do NEED to have blood in something, kinda, at least...
Currently, psychokinetic manipulation is done machanically through the blood, the blood exerts the force upon its inanimate container, the blood actuates the spider legs we give to our drones, things like that.

Granted, it has been proven that The Red has a powerful psychic component, thanks to the burning man and the capacity to levitate things with our blood in violation of physics, but the burning question is:

Can the psychic component of our blood manipulation be separated from the Red? I am concerned that the blood itself may be the psychic force generator for the Red, rather than the other way around.
Twyll 16th Mar 2018, 1:00 PM edit delete reply
I think what our recent epiphany has demonstrated is that we have control over our "blood" and need to have blood in something to control it, but we can expand the definition of "blood." Currently, our definition encompasses "all biological materials that are a part of us," essentially. I think that's how it works?

So we theoretically *could* start to control inanimate objects if we start to consider non-organic material "blood" somehow, but I think that would be incredibly difficult to wrap our mind around and might lead to the world's weirdest body image issues. Given that Jane values her human form a lot, it's probably a bad idea to do things that would directly lead to her having a serious psychological disconnect from it.
pkrankow 16th Mar 2018, 1:49 PM edit delete reply
Yes, the telekenetic effect does not need to be on the blood, but the blood is a strong receptor for it and our sense of "self" encourages the blood to be "inside" or otherwise contained. However because we can act on parts that are not of our blood via close proximity to our blood, we should be able to influence other things. Start small - marbles or something.
Mochi 16th Mar 2018, 4:14 PM edit delete reply
as a side note, i love dr. finch. i'm really glad he's here. he's helped us so much. i can't imagine where we'd be if we hadn't saved him in the hospital.
lil Joshu 16th Mar 2018, 5:24 PM edit delete reply
lil Joshu
I keep guessing Finch & Jane or Michelle & Jane will get into a relationship...

Then again, there could be an OT3? Wouldn't surprise me if Jane is bi.
lil Joshu 16th Mar 2018, 5:14 PM edit delete reply
lil Joshu
Super hero name

We've had these blood powers for quite awhile. Thale's trying to demonize us, we need to fight back with good PR. For that, I suggest we take on a superhero persona (that'd also help keep us in the good guy & hugs image).

So... superhero names:

Here are my ideas so far...

Old-one girl
Blood Lady
Captain Hugs
Madame Musical Princess (since we're surrounding by animals and flowers)
The Red Avenger
Madame Martian
Master Super Blood Captain Marvelous Hero Hyper-Sparkling-Generation Woman