Comic 697 - Talk to the attacked nurse

Posted on 18th Dec 2017, 10:07 PM in Ghosts
Talk to the attacked nurse

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Morgenstern 18th Dec 2017, 10:07 PM edit delete
For now, Fuse stays by the operating theater, while Michelle goes to look into the situation with the nurses and the biopaste.

"You oughta just... maybe shut the bioprinters down for now," Michelle suggests. "Just to be double safe, y'know?"

Fuse takes out his phone and starts to work on it while Michelle heads to the front desk, where the nurse has returned.

"Hey," Michelle says.

"Yeah?," the nurse asks.

"Do me a favor," Michelle responds. "Say Patton Thale."

"Again...?" The nurse gives Michelle a quizzical look. "Didn't I do this earlier...?"

"Humor me," Michelle says.

The nurse gives a small sigh, rolling her eyes a little. She doesn't get it, but she plays along. "Patton Thale. This some kind of weird joke?"

"Somethin' like that," Michelle says. "Where do you guys keep your bioprinters, and extra biopaste?"

The nurse's slightly amused expression fades, her demeanor turning more stern.

"I... don't think I'm supposed to just tell people that, ma'am."

Michelle digs around for a second before fishing out her old police badge. She flashes it at the nurse, whose eyes widen.

"Ohhh snap," the nurse says. "Okay, um. Bioprinters are on the second and fourth floors, at the end of the hall. We keep all the extra biopaste on the third floor, which sucks, since we have to haul it all the way to the elevator anytime we need to change it out."

"Were you the one that saw the, uh... mosquito?," Michelle asks.

The nurse's eyes widen again. She casts a glance aside, not sure how Michelle knew about all that, but she answers anyway. "Yeah, that was me. I saw it in the elevator, and smashed it with an instrument tray. We shoved it in the trash on the second floor. ...Holy crap, that totally was like a government monster or something, wasn't it?"

"That's, uh..." a smirk comes on, but Michelle manages to keep it together. "That's classified."


Lythar 18th Dec 2017, 10:26 PM edit delete reply
Keep bluffing the nurses. If they're not panicking now, no need to get them more panicked. Just let them know that it may get weirder and to check in with each other regularly, maybe ever ten or fifteen minutes. Also have them do rounds to check on patients and, if anything seems off, get Michelle or Fuse to investigate. Also have them say "Patton Thale" to each other when they meet. If they don't, contact Michelle or Fuse.
BobTheTerrarian(NSI) 18th Dec 2017, 10:26 PM edit delete reply
So we have 2 options. We could tell the nurse to inform everyone else about the incident, but that would mean it would just be us, and with Caius in the state that he is in now, that would be a poor choice...

Second option is dealing with the situation quietly, and maybe with the nurse’s help with the layout of the building and what not. Problem is, this task would be more difficult and we have no clue how tough this... “man-squito
BobTheTerrarian(NSI) 18th Dec 2017, 10:31 PM edit delete reply
Sorry I clicked post comment mid typing...

Anyways, we don’t have a clue on how tough the man mosquito is and it’s possible weaknesses. We could have Fuse check the servailance, but we might not find it that way. We also could inform Dr.Finch or something and maybe ask questions about this kind of weird monster shit that we’re seeing.
rufiangel 18th Dec 2017, 10:38 PM edit delete reply
Perhaps we shouldn't bother Dr. Finch while he's performing brain surgery on Caius? ^^;
Swagner 19th Dec 2017, 12:25 AM edit delete reply
I suspect that the mansquitos aren't particularly dangerous... on their own. A nurse smushed it with an instrument tray, after all. No, the real danger would be if there were a whole swarm of them...
Twyll 18th Dec 2017, 10:26 PM edit delete reply
Better ask just to make sure it didn't bite anyone that she knows of. We should also ask about patients, and hypothetically if any MORE monstrosities were buzzing around, how safe are the patients here from that? We should let the nurses know to be on the lookout for anything, and please let us know if they see anything suspicious.
Twyll 18th Dec 2017, 10:29 PM edit delete reply
Also, in case we need a cover story: Michelle is a cop who was contracted by Gesenai Shirai. Technically Shirai *did* give us money, so we're not lying tooooo hard :P
rufiangel 18th Dec 2017, 10:39 PM edit delete reply
*sigh* Check out if the mansquito is properly dead in the trash on the 2nd floor. If the trash is empty, crap. If not, inspect it and see what we're really up against. Afterwards we can check out the bio printer on the 2nd floor.
Madd 18th Dec 2017, 11:02 PM edit delete reply
First check the trash can, we want to make sure it's dead. Second, check the that bioprinters haven't made any more monsters.