Comic 672 - Try to perceive through him

Posted on 10th Dec 2017, 3:17 PM in Ghosts
Try to perceive through him

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Morgenstern 10th Dec 2017, 3:17 PM edit delete
You attempt to perceive through the man, and see if you can gain any measure of control.

Unfortunately, your perception is roughly as dull as it would be with an inanimate object. You try to exert any control--any, at all--but get nothing. If you had more blood inside him, you could manipulate him manually... but one needle's worth isn't quite enough to pull that off. As it stands, you can't get him to move one finger.

You bring up possibly building another drone, this time mostly out of bandages... and with speaking ability.

"We got another burner phone, I think," Michelle suggests. "You could just... I dunno, walk it in there and call the guy?"

"If he's not wary of small robots, now that one's tried to drug him," Fuse adds.

"If we don't do somethin', tha guy's prob'ly gonna bring in backup," Caius points out. "Maybe one trashy robot ain't enough to set him off, maybe it is, but he ain't gonna be as easy to catch off guard if we keep pressin' him."

"I don't think he's gonna bring in an army over that one drone," Fuse responds. "The guy's sitting on an abandoned power station, and the city's biggest supply of mushrooms. I'm sure he gets junkies, hobos, and everything else wandering in all the time. He might not realize what we tried to inject him with. I think we've still got some wiggle room before he sounds the alarms."


Twyll 10th Dec 2017, 3:39 PM edit delete reply
Can we concentrate our blood in a particular area of his body? Maybe, like, in the eyes so we can see, or in his spinal cord so we can try to figure out what's going on with his nervous system not letting us in?
Mochi 10th Dec 2017, 3:41 PM edit delete reply
someone brought up the possibility that the man is a drone himself -- like someone has put their consciousness in a robot body or something, through some kind of transfer process. is that a thing? does that kind of technology exist in this world?
Blue_Elite 10th Dec 2017, 4:22 PM edit delete reply
I was thinking anyone that LIVES in a radioactive power plant would look grotesque and be covered in tumors or at least look something closer to Nimrod. That guy looks TOO normal given where he stays.
I'm definitely thinking there's an inhuman element at play. Unfortunately I can't think of what. It's entirely possible that he IS a drone and that spot we injected is just filler like a mannequin with no connection to the rest of the mechanical parts. The head might be the only important area on him.
Frission 10th Dec 2017, 5:16 PM edit delete reply
This was brought up a few times before, I think it's a strong possibility. We should ask Finch if perhaps it's a remote control robot someone's using to work in the obviously hazardous environment.

But the cybernetics medicine kind of refutes that, too. Plus why would one make a hazmat robot to look like a crazy old bald bearded guy? Perhaps he had dermal armor after all and the blood just failed to actually enter his body properly? Or he's just pulling an Adam Jensen and he's got augs for the radiation that's filtering his blood. We should check on that too. Either way, I'm still for getting a phone to him.

Actually before we go any further, can someone remind me what the goal was here again?
Blue_Elite 10th Dec 2017, 4:58 PM edit delete reply
We've still got a locked door to try opening. We could try a two-way approach: Attempt to barter/bribe info out of Beardy McBeardenson. Meanwhile, Fuse and whoever else attempt to unlock the door and see where that leads.
Ideally if the barter fails, it serves as a distraction while checking out the locked room.

Given recent events I'm not sure we could win a shootout. Even if Beardy doesn't have higher caliber weapons than that shotgun, shooting him might not even phase him unless we hit the right spot.
There's also the possibility he's not alone in that building.
Baeronius 10th Dec 2017, 5:23 PM edit delete reply
I was caught off guard by the whole
"I'm hiding so he doesn't see me" then suddenly
"He didn't see meee? Howw daaare HEEE! STAAAAABBB!"

So... uh... yeah, that happened.
Frission 10th Dec 2017, 5:24 PM edit delete reply
Stealth Ninja Style! But failed. D:
rufiangel 10th Dec 2017, 8:22 PM edit delete reply
Wiggle room~

Well, we could just float in the burner phone, if he's not paranoid enough to shoot it to pieces XD; but what would we want to say? We're here to bust up this operation, not negotiate, right?