Comic 667 - Take cover

Posted on 9th Dec 2017, 2:42 PM in Ghosts
Take cover

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Morgenstern 9th Dec 2017, 2:42 PM edit delete
You send your drone to the nearby stack of boxes to hide behind.

A red laser sight makes itself known from the broken window of the building ahead. The man tries to find a target, but does not spot your drone.

"I know I heard somebody... come out, hands up!"


Lythar 9th Dec 2017, 3:01 PM edit delete reply
Obviously, we do nothing.
skybirds15 9th Dec 2017, 3:25 PM edit delete reply
Well, we can't comply with that request. They're more tentacles than hands.
Crayssius 9th Dec 2017, 3:58 PM edit delete reply
stay hidden, maybe he'll get impatient and come out.
Blue_Elite 9th Dec 2017, 4:11 PM edit delete reply
Good to know if we go there in person we're going to get shot at.

I don't recall us having any real strategy for actually dealing with this guy. Seeing as how he seems to be a one-man operation, should we try having Fuse bribe the guy into giving us info/a sample of what we need?
We don't have to attempt it right away but I figure we're fast approaching that point and ought to discuss it. Also always under consideration: we have to be careful of these people being Queen'd and attempt to murder us out of the blonde blue.