Comic 529 - Keep the extra ear parts

Posted on 20th Oct 2017, 1:35 AM in Doors
Keep the extra ear parts

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Morgenstern 20th Oct 2017, 1:35 AM edit delete
You decide to keep the extra... ear function, in your chest, just in case. You can disable it with your blood if it turns out your brain can't adapt, but for now you suspect the redundancy might not be a bad idea.

"An odd choice," Dr. Finch says, "but it is yours to make."

He works on your shoulder area for another half hour, leaving the additional hearing bits. You watch your friends scavenging for parts, and you try to meditate more.

Just as Dr. Finch is sealing your shoulder and chest back up, Fuse, Michelle, and Caius start making their way back toward the bunker. Fuse has found a stray shopping cart, and is pushing most of the supplies inside it. Caius and Michelle have their arms full, as well.

"So that's it?," Caius asks.

"It's the minimum, at least," Fuse says. "This is everything on their small list... we'd end up breaking down half the city to fill out the big list."

The three of them begin the multiple block journey back toward the bunker door, and Dr. Finch begins working on your regular hearing.


rufiangel 20th Oct 2017, 1:50 AM edit delete reply
Please let our friends be very careful on their way back, to make sure they don't get jumped or followed or whatever-ed because, you know, you never know. :')

Dr. Finch, you are best doctor, man. <3 We now have our shoulder and back fixed! Hearing next! :D I... suspect this might be a little disorienting, at least at first. XD; Let's see... (or let's hear, I suppose)
Akasha 20th Oct 2017, 1:52 AM edit delete reply
Half the city? Eesh. Hopefully, Z50 has a fuckin' warehouse full of spare parts or a fabricator or something hidden in another bunker. In any case, if we can adapt to having both our regular hearing back and the redundancies... I think this sounds like a good opportunity to practice fighting blind. Maybe, I dunno. Couldn't hurt, at least?
Blue_Elite 20th Oct 2017, 2:13 AM edit delete reply
"I think this SOUNDS like a good opportunity..." I see what you did there.
Blue_Elite 20th Oct 2017, 2:16 AM edit delete reply
Do we have any standing blood alarms? If not, can we put one on say... Michelle in CASE SHE GETS SPOOKED and try to deepen our meditative trance?
warp 20th Oct 2017, 2:31 AM edit delete reply
is there any sign-in function that will let me get email notifications when a comment is replied to?
rufiangel 20th Oct 2017, 2:33 AM edit delete reply
Not email notifications, but if you have an account and are logged in at, you can see if you got any replies to comments via the My Updates text link on the upper right section of the navigation bar on top. :)
Nayru9572 20th Oct 2017, 2:44 AM edit delete reply
Can someone call Jury to tell her about bunker B and the proto-Juries' list of parts? Being a robot herself and from a government facility she might be better equipped to get her hands on parts - or at least know of a suitable place we can scavenge them from.