Comic 528 - Get surgery done

Posted on 19th Oct 2017, 10:18 PM in Doors
Get surgery done

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Morgenstern 19th Oct 2017, 10:18 PM edit delete
You all eat breakfast, amid a mild argument about microwavable burritos.

"It's just... not breakfast," Fuse says.

"Sure it is," Caius counters. "They're breakfast burritos."

"You cannot just tack breakfast onto the beginning of the name and call it a breakfast burrito," Dr. Finch states. "A breakfast burrito requires... breakfast contents, eggs or sausage or or or bacon. These are regular burritos for breakfast, there is a world of difference."

Michelle shrugs, trying not to laugh halfway through what she has to say. "I think... any burrito can be a breakfast burrito... if you believe."

Michelle, Caius and Fuse head out to gather parts, while you and Dr. Finch head to Bunker D. You have to painkiller yourself up very thoroughly, as the procedures you're going to have to endure are going to be fairly invasive. Dr. Finch actually suggests putting you under, but you don't want to risk being totally unconscious for that long.

You watch as the rest of the gang roams around outside, breaking into abandoned hardware stores and taking apart car engines. Fuse and Michelle have most of the list figured out; Caius just waits to be told what to smash or dismantle. The streets are completely empty for blocks upon blocks--it's almost eerie, with your three allies being the only signs of humanity in sight. They spot a few stray cats, which promptly take off, as well as a variety of bugs... but people have long escaped from this part of the city.

Your group fills the silence with random discussions, from music to alcohol preferences. Occasionally, they make suggestions among themselves for things to pick up later--a tent or a lean-to to hide the space door, for instance.

"We could prob'ly just pile debris in front of it, in a pinch," Caius says. "I mean, you can hardly see it from tha street thanks to all tha smashed cars an' stuff anyway."

"Yeah, but we gotta look at it, too," Michelle says. "It'd be nice to attach a shed or somethin' to it, instead of just pilin' junk in front of it."

You also check on Macland Row. Gesenai Shirai has come to see him, and is talking with Knox and one of the nurses. They're too far, out in the hall, for you to hear them well... but they're probably just updating Shirai on Macland's status.

About an hour in, and Dr. Finch is still working his way into your shoulder. "You did... do... quite a number here," he says. "Let's hope that you didn't accidentally alter the way this is going to heal... I'd hate for some of this to grow back after I remove it..."

He also uses the bio printer to produce some replacement tissue, filling in small amounts where unnecessary bone is being taken out. "It should all seal back up with the... err... teeth out of the way, but I don't want to assume too much."


Twyll 19th Oct 2017, 10:58 PM edit delete reply
Ooh, there ARE cats! We're definitely gonna need to pick up some tuna then. (Also, tuna for ourselves too, it IS a canned good that keeps for a long time after all.) We might also want some kind of long towel or cloth, because we may need to engage in the age-old practice of cat-wrapping to be able to blood them properly (if we don't use traps).

Let's make sure to keep a watch overhead of the scavengers with one of our ravens, to make sure nobody is approaching from far away.
rufiangel 19th Oct 2017, 11:05 PM edit delete reply
That burrito debate was hilarious XDDD

I guess while they're out scavenging, if they see anything else worthwhile picking up they should go ahead and do that (like anything from Twyll's shopping list).

Dr. Finch's reaction to our shoulder is very understated XD good man, I'm sure he's seen a lot of crap in his lifetime as a doctor so far but maybe nothing *quite* like Jane's shoulder, lol.

Do we have to dismantle the cochlea in our chest or are we going to have two sets of hearing organs from now on? ._. Would that make us reeeeally good at hearing? Or would it just be confusing and throw us off-balance? 'Cause then I guess we should disable the chest-ears. Hm.

Another side-question - can we just program Bunker D's containment units to grow stuff or do we need to bring back some kind of material (like how bio paste works for the bio printer) for that to work?
Bluhx2 19th Oct 2017, 11:40 PM edit delete reply
Nothing quite like Jane's shoulder is an understatement lmao
Twyll 19th Oct 2017, 11:56 PM edit delete reply
I imagine we can disable the chest-ears via blood control if we find that we need to, but we should give ourselves a few days to get accustomed before we decide it's too disorienting. After all, the human nervous system can adapt to a *lot* (like wearing glasses that turn everything you see upside-down-- after a few days the brain just auto-flips your vision), so I suspect that, since our blood acts like neurons too, we probably have an even *more* flexible system. Neuroplasticity! \o/

We might suffer a bit of confusion while our temporal lobe gets its inputs sorted out, but it shouldn't last for too long.
Steve 19th Oct 2017, 11:32 PM edit delete reply
I knew it was teeth. I wonder what the Tooth Fairy will think about this? How many quarters do you think we're gonna get guys?
Twyll 19th Oct 2017, 11:51 PM edit delete reply
I dunno, but I sure hope Thale hasn't gotten to the Tooth Fairy before us. That would be real awkward if a Queen'd mythical being is able to get into our secure bunker while we sleep...
Steve 20th Oct 2017, 12:04 AM edit delete reply
Twyll, I love you, that was brilliant.
Blue_Elite 19th Oct 2017, 11:56 PM edit delete reply
As long as nothing is demanding our attention and we're physically stuck, maybe try more meditation to pass the time?

I feel like we should be capitalizing on this "quiet moment" to practice blood abilities though the painkiller effect we're under might make that too risky/problematic (though meditation should be all the easier for that reason).

Also as a side note: if we have any accessories (I was thinking colored bows though anything will do), we should ask the proto-Jurys if they wouldn't mind accessorizing for the benefit of being distinguishable. If they're able to fix their vocal problems it'll get very hard very quickly to tell them apart (even more-so if they're able to recover more proto-Jurys with the parts).
Maybe even... give one a makeover? XD
Foxyjosh 26th May 2019, 8:26 PM edit delete reply
I was at a restaurant that had a breakfast pizza. I asked what was on it and the waitress explained that there was eggs, sausage, and ham.

I replied "That's not what I was expecting."
The waitress asked what I was expecting and I replied: "A single slice of cold pizza served in a large cardboard box."