Comic 426 - Steal enemy tires

Posted on 23rd Sep 2017, 4:44 PM in Doors
Steal enemy tires

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Morgenstern 23rd Sep 2017, 4:44 PM edit delete
You tell the raven nearest to Dr. Finch to follow the vehicle he's being shipped in, and you change your blood alarm to inform you if anyone tries to do anything to Dr. Finch's body. That way, no one will try to pull anything weird while he's passed out.

You have to circle the building a bit before you find it, but you eventually figure out where Prophet and his gang were parked. There's one beat up old car, and a small moving van (presumably used to haul Nimrod around). You search them for anything of note, but all you find are the keys to those vehicles.

Michelle helps you steal the tires off the car to replace your own.

You get back to the motel, and immediately hug Fuse.

"Uhhh..." Fuse starts, clearly thrown off, but he awkwardly returns the hug.

"She fought Prophet," Michelle says.

"Oh. Oh, shit, okay." Fuse hugs you back a little more firmly.

You then hug Caius, who is surprisingly calm about it.

"Did... uh... what happened?," Fuse finally asks.

"Well," Michelle says with a weary grin. "Prophet's dead. Nimrod's dead. Carpenter sicked a monster on us, it's dead. There was like two other guys, prob'ly part of Prophet's cult... this may come as a shock, but they're dead, too."

"You're sure? Like, you're absolutely positive?," Fuse asks.

"Nimrod got most of his head blown off, and got sliced up the middle by a blade we watched cut through concrete."

You explain that Prophet, terrified of you and the prospect of being taken over, started hyperventilating... which is not a great idea when you can barely breathe in the first place.

"Oh," Fuse says, "yeah, I guess he's dead then."

You also stabbed Prophet's body repeatedly in the heart, and then injected him with your blood so Thale can't bring him back as some kind of messed up blood zombie.

There's a brief moment of silence before Fuse solemnly nods.

"Thank you," he says. "I'm a little pissed I didn't get to kill Prophet myself... but it sounds like you did it justice, so I'll get over it."

Michelle smiles again, a little wider. "If it makes ya feel any better, we're prob'ly gonna go back and burn that hospital down at some point. That place is a hellhole where nothin' good happens."

"I got a question," Caius asks.

Everyone turns to look at Caius.

He continues. "Me an' Fuse was talkin' about how you can do drug stuff, right? Can Thale not do that?"

You, Michelle and Fuse sort of glance at each other. Fuse shrugs. Michelle shakes her head. "He... maybe? He oughta be able to, right?"

Caius nods. "If that's all legit, Thale coulda put tha level on Prophet. Right?"

A brief pause occurs as everyone considers it.

"Yeah," Fuse says. "He... he should've been able to. It's just telling the body to do real specific things, yeah? Like upping adrenaline or... whatever. Maybe Thale wasn't watching, and Prophet was acting on his own. Maybe Thale just didn't give that much of a shit about Prophet."

"I don't buy that," Michelle replies. "Prophet seemed like a major player in pushin' that drug around." She thinks about it for another second or two. "Real talk... I don't think Thale's as clever as we are. Like, we ain't seen any birds or rats or nothin' runnin' around on Queen, have we? Thale's a corporate stiff, asshole prob'ly hasn't had an imaginative thought since he was a kid. Prob'ly got control of people and then stopped, didn't think about anything above that."

Caius nods. "That sounds about right. I thought somethin' was wrong with Mackey when I first met 'em. Tha guy lived in a bubble... whole world was nothin' but money and women. Gesenai... I'd heard from some of her other boys that Gesenai wasn't always like that. Used to have drive, used to be creative. Once she got in cahoots with those other rich pricks, she stopped lookin' at tha world, started lookin' at profit margins."

"Well," Fuse finally adds, "let's hope we haven't given Thale any ideas. Last thing I want to deal with is counter-rat espionage."

You sit down with Michelle for a little while to properly treat her wounds. You're alerted to your blood alarm going off--you check on Dr. Finch.

He's arrived at the hospital, where the medical staff of the facility begin checking him in and registering his room. Dr. Finch has just started to wake up; he heaves a sigh of relief when he realizes he's in a real hospital, not in an underground bunker, and not strapped down. Though no one's trying to draw his blood or anything yet, the nurses do put a paper bracelet on him and check a few of his vitals, which must have been enough to alert you.


as Dr. Finch becomes more awake and aware, your ability to perceive through him strengthens.

You realize that you recognize this hospital.

It's the same hospital Macland Row is being kept at.

The same hospital Knox, the scarred guard, is waiting with Macland.

There's a great number of hospitals in this city. You are not convinced that this is a coincidence.


Mochi 23rd Sep 2017, 5:41 PM edit delete reply

the question is how we do it. the easiest way, honestly, might be to start a small fire somewhere in yhe building. set off the fire alarm. they’d have to evacuate the patients, including finch. he can slip away in the confusion. we could get fuse to do it. with a hat and no jacket or visor, he’d be barely recognizeable and could blend in with the other patients on the way out. he is a burn victim, after all.

alternatively, finch is a medical professional. he could probably just check himself out of the hospital once they’re done examining him and leave. if he says he’s in good enough condition to walk, they probably wouldn’t question him.

a third and probably more risky idea would be disguising ourselves and claiming to be his daughter, then busting him out ourselves. with our hair the colour it is, and maybe some different clothes and some big, thick glasses, we could easily pass as being related to him. we should change our hairstyle though— cut it, or put it up in a bun or something. we would, of course, be at risk of running into people who might recognize us if they get a good look at us, though. it’s incredibly risky, but it could work.
Kitty 23rd Sep 2017, 5:52 PM edit delete reply
Yeah, now that he's not tied down or anything, he *can* just leave. He might be leaving Against Medical Advice, but that's a matter of saying "please don't leave, it's a bad idea," rather than trying to physically stop him.

We might wanna wait until we're there and can pick him up, though, just to make sure he doesn't get jumped on the way out of the hospital or something.
Baeronius 23rd Sep 2017, 7:26 PM edit delete reply
Does Knox even know about Finch?

If not, we may not have much to worry about other than monitoring the hallways.
We could have a Ratty check on reception from a vent to see if they're talking about anything strange.
tor 23rd Sep 2017, 5:42 PM edit delete reply
Well f*ck, guess there's a connection between Thale and the government guys. We should at least keep Finch up to date on where he is and that he isn't safe yet. Also tell him about what you got. We should also send a raven to check out Howler's apartment to see if it's being watched.
tor 23rd Sep 2017, 5:44 PM edit delete reply
On a side note, can we ask Red about human life extension. Also want to ask about the blood teleportation if we set up a sort of beacon to go to.
rufiangel 23rd Sep 2017, 7:49 PM edit delete reply
Just FYR, you can check the Fan Page's Skills page for clarifications on blood teleportation~
Baeronius 23rd Sep 2017, 8:54 PM edit delete reply
For the Blood teleport, we'd have to try with small creatures first. Such as insects.
Jane would have to be external the entire time, because she'd lose focus on time inside the Blood Void. AT least until we get a feel for how time relates inside that Void.

We'd have to monitor the insects for changes in biology and mental patterns. Finch would have to help us there. Once we get insects down, we can move up to small animals.... and then potentially people.

I mean we can teleport ourself no problem, but the time loss may be an issue. Albeit, we had lots of trauma when we warped ourself before, so the time loss may have been something as simple as basic trauma and regeneration time.

It'd take time and effort, but eventually we might be able to get to This Kinda Nonsense
(and yes, that is me down there in the comments section page 2 *blush*)
Skybirds15 23rd Sep 2017, 6:46 PM edit delete reply
This... could be a coincidence. Maybe the Feds and Mac/Gesenai have fingers in the same hospital. Maybe this hospital deals with STQ victims specifically. Good news, unless Knox is STQed Thale, and therefore Gesenai, won't have an easy way of knowing he's there, since Knox wouldn't know what Finch looks like, since he seems like a specific bodyguard. Unless Gesenai goes back to the hospital for no foreseeable reason, since Macccc is dead, Finch should be good for now. Unless, of course, the Fed is in league with Thale, but Gesenai went against Thale's wishes with the head-on assault... but killing someone in a hospital is pretty easy.
Mochi 23rd Sep 2017, 7:08 PM edit delete reply
macland isn’t dead, macland is in a coma. that’s why he’s in a hospital room, not a morgue.
PurpleKetchup 23rd Sep 2017, 7:11 PM edit delete reply
Only mostly (brain-)dead. And I'm still interested in helping him out of that shitty coma, even if it's to get him to choke the life out of Carpenter for us.
Kitty 23rd Sep 2017, 7:47 PM edit delete reply
I think it might be a partial coincidence-- that there IS a reason for them both being in the same hospital, but that reason is that this hospital has a reputation for not asking many questions on intake of new patients and being good about keeping the media out and such. Maybe it's just the sort of hospital that you take people to if you want them taken care of, but don't want anyone asking questions about why they landed there in the first place.
rufiangel 23rd Sep 2017, 7:42 PM edit delete reply
Comments on update in general:

a) I'm amused we stole their tires, since they slashed ours. XD HA! Suckers.
b) That Fuse hug was adorable. <3 The fact Caius was super calm about the hug wasn't too surprising actually XD he seems to take everything into stride, after all!
c) Much death happened in that hospital, both literally and in our heads. I'm glad we made it out. I'm glad Fuse is okay with the fact we ended up ending Prophet for him. We would have let him do the honours if he were there, probably.
d) I have been wondering about the extent of Thale's abilities with STQ. Given the rules we have to follow for inanimate objects, we can at least safely say that Thale can't do that with STQ. But for living beings, I would imagine if Thale tried, he could attempt to mimic certain drugs as well. The thing is, he probably wouldn't be able to do it nearly as well as we can, since our blood is capable of folding and changing shape perfectly, whereas the bio-printed Mars blood is too roughly shaped for it to do it as perfectly. Not saying he can't, just saying it'd probably have a bad side-effect or just be half as effective. That's my guess, anyway, given what Dr. Finch saw in STQ.
e) Luckily none of our animals have actually been spotted by the enemy ranks yet as blooded animals so we probably won't have to worry about giving Thale that specific idea just yet. Unless he comes up with it himself. But eh. We'll definitely notice if we see suspicious animals lurking around (that aren't ours) I suppose. XD

Wow that was a long comment and I'm not even done. I'll post a separate one for actions. XD;;
rufiangel 23rd Sep 2017, 7:45 PM edit delete reply
The shift is both good news (we don't have to infiltrate a bunker) and bad news. I mean, the fact this happened straight after Gesenai Shirai was all like, I'm going to do what needs to be done, is very bad news. She might be thinking to kill him in revenge for what happened to Macland, because she knows Dr. Finch was with us in the hospital (she must have seen the footage) and may just be willing to kill pretty much anyone who seems affiliated with us in any way, shape or form. I don't know if I'm totally taking this to the other end of the spectrum but it certainly doesn't seem good.

My suggestion is to tell the team immediately what's up and check what's going on with Macland. Is Dr. Finch in any position to be walking on his own right now? It's been a couple of days since his surgery for replacement of necrotic tissue; not sure if that's long enough.
Vahno 23rd Sep 2017, 7:49 PM edit delete reply
Sudden thought.
Syncing seems to merge memories and personalities and such together after too long, right.

Now. All we know about Dear Old Mum is that she wasn't human, and that she had EVERY POWER WE DO. What would stop her from, upon sensing things are going horrible for her and death approaches, claiming a few people and syncing with them for... long enough? Might Agent Bighair be such a person?
Mochi 23rd Sep 2017, 8:02 PM edit delete reply
i’m pretty sure it doesn’t work that way? i don’t think we can like. implant ourselves in a new body. she wouldn’t be mom, even if mom synced with her to the point of hive-minding. she’s still just another person.
Baeronius 23rd Sep 2017, 8:48 PM edit delete reply
rufiangel 23rd Sep 2017, 8:11 PM edit delete reply
Guys, I completely forgot about the surveillance footage we jacked from the hospital, lol. We should give that to Fuse and ask if he can duplicate it somewhere safely just in case, and let's keep the USB safe.
Shrek 23rd Sep 2017, 8:19 PM edit delete reply
I wanted to see Nimrod fight so badly ever since he was introduced tbh

oh well
Baeronius 23rd Sep 2017, 8:34 PM edit delete reply
Wait... why did Nimrod fight the Mech again?... He doesn't even acknowledge things unless specifically told to.

Does that mean he was instructed to attack the Mech? And the cultists didn't really have any weapons, yet we didn't try to talk to them.

Whelp... this could either imply we did something awkward... or... we jumped hard to a conclusion that's gonna bite us.
AlphaDragon 23rd Sep 2017, 8:19 PM edit delete reply
Welp, this certainly feels like a trap. I'm willing to bet if Finch tried to check himself out he wouldn't be able to.
I would say Shirai wants us to come there for Finch so we can "Fix" MacLand.
So lets see if Finch can check out on his own and brief the team.