Comic 415 - Ignore him

Posted on 21st Sep 2017, 11:40 PM in Doors
Ignore him

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Morgenstern 21st Sep 2017, 11:40 PM edit delete
You ignore Carpenter and begin searching for the footage you came here for, stopping only to shut off the hospital's active surveillance so Carpenter can't see you. The surveillance system otherwise stopped recording just a few days after everything happened, so you don't have that much to skim through. You plug in Fuse's USB and begin to download the surveillance footage you want.

"The silent treatment, eh? Fine, fine... just give it more time to find you."

"Don't listen to him," Michelle grumbles. "No way in hell anything outta that bioprinter has lived this long. Remember what Finch said? Bioprinted cells an' stuff are basically trash, and half those monsters couldn't even eat or nothin'."

"Too true, officer!," Carpenter squeals, "Though printing up an army is a novel idea, the product isn't exactly... built to last, so to speak. You know what that's like, don't you?"

Michelle tenses, but she doesn't respond. She takes a quick glance around the room--you're not sure the cameras had audio in the first place, and with them currently off, Carpenter really shouldn't be able to hear you. Michelle may be looking for a bug, though there's no obvious one in sight.

The footage continues to download. Arvin continues to rant.

"No, friends, the REAL secret is to start with a human and cybernetic base, then use printed tissue for joints and other filler."

A louder thump resonates from out in the hall.

"If you wire it up juuust right, you can even use electric impulses to control it remotely!"

You hear another thump.

Michelle does a double take staring out the glass portion of the door. "Oh, shit. Uh, Blondie, we got a problem."

The footage is about 50% downloaded.

"It's basically a drone at that point," Arvin rambles, "you can put cameras, speakers, guns, whatever you want in it--"

Oddly, you can hear Arvin's voice out in the hall, in addition to it piping through the big surveillance screen. You hear several smaller, more rapid thumps, though the sound is still very loud.

Very close.


Akasha 22nd Sep 2017, 12:01 AM edit delete reply
...Aw, son of a fuck. He made a god damn BIO-MECH, didn't he? I guess at this point, the real question is how big the damned thing is, and what it's armed with. We've already got a pretty nice improvised weapon for Michelle, what with the locker and all, but the real question is how effective that'd be.
rufiangel 22nd Sep 2017, 12:38 AM edit delete reply
Have I mentioned how much I love this comic? And how much it KILLS ME?

Quickly glance out the window through Michelle's eyes; what're we up against? An army of drones or just one massive thing?

Barricading ourselves in here isn't a fun idea but I don't know if we have much choice. We're not leaving without that footage.

Though the question after that is, how in the hekk are going to get out of this one?
Skybirds15 22nd Sep 2017, 12:39 AM edit delete reply
Hey Fuse c'mere
So...ah... syringe it? That might work. Or work enough to get it to stop. I mean the electrical components, at least, since muscles would not be stopped if he's using electricity. Then we might have a bio-mech cause fuck you, Carpenter. I killed you in Wolfenstien the new order already.
Skybirds15 22nd Sep 2017, 12:42 AM edit delete reply
Course, from the sound of things, he didn't use printed muscles.... but if there are biological parts in there, something needs to be keeping them alive, so we can syringe it all the same.
rufiangel 22nd Sep 2017, 1:14 AM edit delete reply
If it's a large enough mech, we may not have enough blood on us to syringe it to the point of total control (and we may not have enough tech knowledge to pull that off anyway) but we may be able to stop it from functioning to its fullest capacity, at any rate. Kinda like how we didn't have enough blood to totally blood the cola machines, but we used just enough to mess with the necessary mechanisms just within the coin slot. Maybe we could mess with it in a similar fashion? Worth a shot if we can get one in, should it come to that, I think?
Skybirds15 22nd Sep 2017, 1:40 AM edit delete reply
We'll just have to see about that, then. Hopefully, it's not too big.

*gilligan cut*

Also, that thing must be wired through the roof, if it has all that crap in it- heat dissipation must be a problem. Overheating it might be an option, here.
rufiangel 22nd Sep 2017, 1:06 AM edit delete reply
Okay here are some random thoughts:

Carpenter mentions electric impulses to control things remotely. Is there anything we can do to disrupt that? Any ideas from Fuse, our electronics expert?

Second, based on what we can see off the bio-mechs - can we see any obvious cameras? Because we're shooting those straight off the bat with Michelle's shooting skills, obviously. Failing that, just cover it all up with bloody towels or something. We've already seen head spiders can't win against that.

Uh, what else... I suppose we could use our raven to fly in and just check real quick where the clearest path out is, so we can take it. Or not, I don't want to kill our birb friend accidentally. Ugh.

EDIT: Also, re-reading what Carpenter said to Michelle - what a friggin' jerk he is