Comic 414 - Go to the basement

Posted on 21st Sep 2017, 10:48 PM in Doors
Go to the basement

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Morgenstern 21st Sep 2017, 10:48 PM edit delete
Michelle leads the way as you make your way to the stairwell, then down to the basement level hallway.

You approach the security room, where the surveillance equipment was kept.

You hear a dull thump from beneath the floor. You and Michelle both stop.

You wait.

You hold your breath.

Nothing else happens.

You use Fuse's bypass on the fingerprint scanner. The door unlocks, as though you had actually scanned the appropriate fingerprints.

The two of you walk into the security room. Michelle watches the door as you approach the surveillance equipment. It all seems to have been turned off. Michelle tells you how to turn it back on, so you can start looking for that footage.

"If it was programmed to keep recordin' even after that day, y'might have to scroll through a bunch of archives. I got no idea how this thing was set up."

You turn the system on.

It takes a little while to boot up.


"Hellllo there."

The voice of Arvin Carpenter is tinted with static, artifacts in the audio tearing at his words.

"Are you serious?," he asks, on the verge of laughing, "Is this a JOKE?! After all you went through here... you came back?!"


Mochi 21st Sep 2017, 10:58 PM edit delete reply

rufiangel 21st Sep 2017, 11:03 PM edit delete reply
I think we were gonna get boned either way XD
Mochi 21st Sep 2017, 11:09 PM edit delete reply
yes but the apartment might not've involved the psychopath with the killer bacteria and penchant for creating monsters to peel our skin off.
rufiangel 21st Sep 2017, 11:12 PM edit delete reply
Eh, I still think hospital was a good choice. He wasn't expecting it right? XD; so let's pull what we need asap before he has time to do much more than be a prick on screen is my thinking
rufiangel 21st Sep 2017, 11:02 PM edit delete reply
Huh. That's... interesting.

I don't really think engaging with him is healthy for the mind. Can we just flat-out ignore him? Like seriously just pretend he's not there.

And maybe switch off the live feed if we can. We're here to get footage, not talk to this psychopath who nearly killed Dr. Finch. Talking to him just satisfies his ego. :/
Baeronius 21st Sep 2017, 11:16 PM edit delete reply
We could... ask him why his creations always commit suicide. The bio-printer, and the mindbeast.
*shrug* Or why he killed Macland.
Skybirds15 21st Sep 2017, 11:32 PM edit delete reply
Then he'd know for sure that we got Macland, as opposed to mostly know.
Baeronius 22nd Sep 2017, 12:03 AM edit delete reply
Well... technically Macland went into a mid-level hospital. We could ask him what that was about and heard that he had last visited Carpenter.

The problem is that if we tippy-toe too much, we won't go anywhere, but if we run too fast we'll run off a cliff.

So we could say that we found out someone named Macland was his patient, but hasn't been seen in public for a long time, to see if he had any reaction to that...
Or we could just be quiet.

Anyone else wanna discuss this?
Skybirds15 21st Sep 2017, 11:37 PM edit delete reply
Hmm. Static? Artifacts? Is this a recording? I doubt Carpenter lacks a stable internet connection. Ignore him, we need that footage. Besides, not like there's bio monsters around. The thump is something else that he would actually be able to control by virtue of it not doing anything until now, which would not be immune to shotguns. Unless it was a robot, but then we can smash it with those lockers.
Akasha 21st Sep 2017, 11:56 PM edit delete reply
Yeah, I was about to say that it seems like a recording, because of that. Anyways, that sounds like a pretty solid plan. That, and we may not want to look at the screen just in case Carpenter planted any memetic nastiness in it, considering that that's a thing he can do.
Baeronius 22nd Sep 2017, 12:16 AM edit delete reply
You have to stare at the screen for hours like Macland's treatment in order to get those embedded. Plus Macland had his eyes pinned open cause he fell unconscious.
PurpleKetchup 21st Sep 2017, 11:55 PM edit delete reply
Hmm. It's a bit dangerous, but they can either taunt Carpenter or just flat ignore him and grab whatever data they can without a care.
I'm not sure which would actually go under his skin.

Alternatively, just have a casual conversation with him.
Why not come back ? Think we're scared of the hospital where Jane actually worked for years before he turned it into a warzone ?