Comic 399 - Elaborate on the plan

Posted on 17th Sep 2017, 9:17 PM in Unfathomable Hate
Elaborate on the plan

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Morgenstern 17th Sep 2017, 9:17 PM edit delete
You explain to Caius that no, you don't plan on just asking for Dr. Finch back--but you or Caius calling could be used to find out what the feds want, exactly.

"Oh, yeah," Caius scratches his head. "That makes sense. We'd have to get real cute about how we fish for that info, though--they're likely to just lie up front about it. Kinda like how they're totally federal agents... except they ain't."

"Or they are," Michelle follows, "but they're not JUST federal agents, they might be Zone Fifty. I agree with Blondie--this might be our best bet for finding out where we stand with these guys, if we can work around all the BS. We still don't even know what that agent lady's name is, and that's after a couple of us met her. They gotta know Carpenter's involved now, right? Dr. Finch made a big show of it when the bacteria thing went down. Maybe we can convince 'em Carpenter and his pals are a bigger threat than us right now."


Skybirds15 17th Sep 2017, 9:29 PM edit delete reply
We might be able to get them on our side with that... for now. But if they are zone 50/ zone 50-2 or whatever, or not even Feds, that won't work at all, because it's not their jurisdiction/they don't care.

Risky, risky. I think Finch is in the best position to find out what the Feds want, honestly.
rufiangel 17th Sep 2017, 10:16 PM edit delete reply
Essentially I think we probably need to go through this one step at a time. We need to find out first what they are. If they are actually a federal body that cares about the well-being of the city (as the Fed lady claimed) then solid proof of Arvin Carpenter's involvement with the Tobu Cyberbrain massacre should prick their ears. If they are not and all they give two craps about is experimenting with funky alien voodoo, then uh, forget all that, yeah. XD; Then we go Rambo. Or something.
Frission 8th Dec 2017, 7:10 PM edit delete reply
Heheh, Zone 52, I like that.
Mochi 17th Sep 2017, 9:39 PM edit delete reply
i think we should wait and see what finch can find out before we make much more of a concrete plan. we have the number and we have eyes on the inside and right now that's really the best we can do.

there may be a way to show them carpenter is a bigger threat, though. if we can find a way to link him to the tobu attacks, then there's a possibility that might be enough to convince them that we're not the most dangerous thing in this city. finch did mention before that he was originally arrested for creating monsters out of bio-printed human tissue, which is what happened at the hospital. and, to be fair, but i don't think howler ferrings would have the knowledge to build functional meat monsters. he was a hacker. he worked at a firm that essentially made computer parts. he shouldn't have been able to bio-engineer horrible nightmare creatures.

fuse can probably correct us if i'm wrong but... there's no way that i can see that howler would have been able to do all that on his own. he might have unlocked the door, but i'm willing to bet carpenter ripped it off the hinges with a giant hunk of flesh and bones and then attempted to go on a rampage through the city.
rufiangel 17th Sep 2017, 9:44 PM edit delete reply
Yeah, agreed on all of that. We can make a case for it circumstantially. As to concrete proof of Arvin's involvement, though, we might actually have to find it ourselves, or pretend we have it.

I suppose we could faux-cleantex Fuse (or Jane, but probably Fuse knows better what to look for) and get him to recompile all the emails and traces that potentially link Howler to Carpenter, that he saw on Howler's computer in the basement. (Since going back there in person is prooobably not a good idea.) But we need to get Fuse a computer for that, probably.
rufiangel 17th Sep 2017, 9:40 PM edit delete reply
THANK YOU, Michelle! -v-***

Convincing them of Carpenter being a bigger threat is a good idea, but how we'd go about that requires some serious thinking.

Thinking out loud now. Could it be conceivable for Caius to say he's been following leads and came across some info that links Jane with Arvin Carpenter? Because that's soooort of a stretch, I think... unless we somehow manage to convince them that Caius got hold of the hospital footage himself and did some legwork to find a link between the surveillance footage from the hospital (you know, that showed the silhouette of Carpenter's mug) to Arvin Carpenter himself. That could paint him as one of the orchestrators (is that a word) of the events that transpired there, which Caius could firmly maintain was something that makes Jane a victim more than anything else. Is that possible? ._.

As a side-note, Caius makes a good point that they'd just straight-up lie unless we give them a good reason not to; it'd be hard to tell, I guess. Perhaps we need to make the case that Caius simply refuses to really give more information on what he found unless they're straight with him. After all, it was the Fed(?) lady who told him to be more suspicious/cautious about her in the first place. :P
Mochi 17th Sep 2017, 9:49 PM edit delete reply
you know what? if we can find all the footage from the hospital, we can pretty much prove without a doubt that we aren't the worst thing in this city. presumably, at least one camera in that hospital had to have caught the printer monster. or better yet, our efforts to destroy the printer monster. that takes jane and the rest of the group from villian to hero pretty damn fast.

fed lady said they had some footage. it was probably sent to them by one of our enemies, and logically they would leave out anything that makes jane look like anything less than a monster. we were heroes. we put our lives on the line to stop that meat monster from escaping. that has to mean something, right?
rufiangel 17th Sep 2017, 9:51 PM edit delete reply
That's a good point! But that does mean, most likely, we'd need to get back to Howler's apartment to get that footage. I think?
Mochi 17th Sep 2017, 9:55 PM edit delete reply
i dunno if howler had the footage, but we weren't exactly looking for it the last time we were there. fuse wouldn't have known to, i don't think? it'd probably worth it to go back and check. michelle said that she and jane had been watching it for quite a while and i think fuse was the only person they saw go in in the whole time they were there. but... the building is owned by gesenai. so... it's possible something's gone down there since the last time we were around. we'd have to do some recon before we go into the apartment itself, i think.
rufiangel 17th Sep 2017, 10:01 PM edit delete reply
Howler almost certainly has the footage, as most of the files on his basement computer are video files. He was livestreaming from his apartment so it makes sense his computer retained the raw files.

But yeah, it'd be dangerous to go back there. I guess this is all secondary stuff we can think about if we really need some leverage to contact the 'Feds' based on what Dr. Finch can tell us, on his end. I just hope they don't try to interrogate him straightaway, though. ;_;
Mochi 17th Sep 2017, 10:08 PM edit delete reply
i found another thing! in the archive a few pages after that one!

"You also find e-mails detailing medical information, and exchanges between Howler and what must be doctors, trying to help them turn their horrific ideas into code (and eventually, into parts of monsters)."

tell me that doesn't sound like carpenter. we need to go back and have a better look at those emails and the video footage. ... not today, but, it needs to happen.
rufiangel 17th Sep 2017, 10:13 PM edit delete reply
Yeah, that's what I was thinking about when I mentioned faux-cleantex-ing Fuse to get those emails and traces XD;;

But I guess in both cases (for video footage and proper email traces) we'd actually need to get back in there some time. But yeah, not tonight.
Skybirds15 17th Sep 2017, 10:14 PM edit delete reply
Wait. Wait. What if... Miss Immune had MOM's blood injected into her? That would explain the immunity and how she knew about Mom's Red... but not what her goals are or wether the rest of this underground lab are in on those goals.
Mochi 17th Sep 2017, 10:18 PM edit delete reply
it wouldn't have granted her immunity. we had to force our blood cells in finch to hunt down and destroy the bacteria. we had to make an conscious effort to do that. mom is dead, so clearly she couldn't have done the same.
Skybirds15 17th Sep 2017, 10:42 PM edit delete reply
What if she set her cells to do that by default? She was a lot better at this psychic blood thing that we are.
Baeronius 18th Sep 2017, 12:06 AM edit delete reply
Well... mom was a couple Million and we're just.. what.. less than 100?