Comic 379 - Check the roach corpse

Posted on 14th Sep 2017, 12:20 AM in Unfathomable Hate
Check the roach corpse

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Morgenstern 14th Sep 2017, 12:20 AM edit delete
You take a closer look at the remains of the dead roach creature.

It is... very dead. And not whole. It looks like they got a pretty decent way into eating it. You consider bleeding into it to try and animate the body, but... it would only be that. You wouldn't bring the thing back to life so much as physically force its body to move, which would take more blood than just hijacking a living mind. You're not even sure you could keep this thing together enough to function.

Its head is mostly intact, though, and you get a better look at its mandibles. They don't look strong enough, nor large enough, to cut through metal. In fact, its jaws don't look powerful enough to have done this kind of damage, either.

Whatever chewed its way into the pipe--and killed this roach--it wasn't the roaches. They may have been eating the leftovers, but this creature was killed by something else.

You follow the pipe to the end, and enter into a larger chamber. The drop below goes so deep that you can't see the bottom... only darkness. You shout Fuse's name, but you hear nothing back.


You do hear something.

A horrid screech echoing down the pipe you came through, from somewhere behind you.

You're pretty sure it's not Fuse.


PurpleKetchup 14th Sep 2017, 12:31 AM edit delete reply
Sounds like he's keeping an entire ecosystem down there.
Is it safe to cross that pipe or is Jane going to slip and fall down a few extra tiers ?
Mochi 14th Sep 2017, 12:32 AM edit delete reply
oh good. GOOD. BECAUSE WE DIDN'T HAVE ENOUGH PROBLEMS. not only can we not get out, not only are we trapped in a brain that's slowly turning itself to soup, not only are we in a dirty disgusting sewer, there's a fucking giant monster down here with us that we have no way of killing!

hustle across the pipe to the door on the other side. quickly but carefully. there's a good chance it's too large to follow us. that or we die, but at this point a death at the hand (mouth?) of whatever this is is better than having our head explode upstairs.
rufiangel 14th Sep 2017, 1:39 AM edit delete reply
Second that careful-quick hustling across the pipe to the other side, to the door. >_>
Baeronius 14th Sep 2017, 12:45 AM edit delete reply
We don't know if it's a creature, or a machine.
There could be some kind of twisted street cleaner running around here that personifies what (mr bald person name pending) thought of the solution to the "roaches".
It could also be a creature, but a screech can also come from a piece of metal scraping against metal. And there is a lot of metal and cement down here.... I think it's cement?...

Also by accident started watching an anime called 18if.
It's all about some kind of apocalyptic dream world, where people who enter can be killed. And it hit me kind of oddly when I thought of this chapter.
Skybirds15 14th Sep 2017, 1:55 AM edit delete reply
Well. Seems we've hit a higher level of screwed. We have two options that I see: 1. Cross pipe, which is probably super dangerous. 2. Try to hide. The only hiding spot is inside the corpse, but that is towards the noise, the good news is, whatever killed it and opened the pipe is not interested in eating it.
Skybirds15 14th Sep 2017, 1:58 AM edit delete reply
Wait, just noticed the other open pipe directly... background of us is where we came from. Which direction is behind us? Pipe or left?
Mochi 14th Sep 2017, 2:01 AM edit delete reply
pipe is behind us.
Skybirds15 14th Sep 2017, 2:02 AM edit delete reply
Cool beans. Third option: Left. Crossing pipe might work, as if it's too heavy, it can't follow. Left is a crapshoot.