Comic 360 - Open all three folders

Posted on 11th Sep 2017, 9:55 PM in Unfathomable Hate
Open all three folders

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Morgenstern 11th Sep 2017, 9:55 PM edit delete
You realize that you are slowly sinking into the floor.

You grab onto the chair, the desk, whatever you can to try and pull yourself out. No matter what you do, though, it's a miserable slog and you wish the whole place would just burn down already.

You set each of the computers to open one of the folders--"Work" on the first computer, "Porn" on the second, and "Games" on the third. The little arrow turns into an hourglass on each monitor. You suspect that you will have to come back to it later, after the computers have had time to load.

You slowly work your way toward the water cooler. You try all the options, but nothing comes out. The water cooler is empty.

You climb into the far door, dragging yourself out of the floor and into the next room.

There is a giant Macland Row in stocks, sticking out of the back wall. Insignificant peons incessantly prattle on, wasting his time instead of taking any initiative for themselves.

"Mr. Row, if you could just sign this..."

"Mr. Row, I need to ask you about this account..."

"Mr. Row, I know we normally work on Christmas, but..."


WalkerOfSorrow 11th Sep 2017, 10:12 PM edit delete reply
Do we try something like, "lunch break" or "Mr Rowe has an appointment"? Or do we not get involved?
rufiangel 11th Sep 2017, 10:39 PM edit delete reply
I love how you write the force-sync scenes, MM. They're amazing.

I forgot that Macland is a public face in Row Dynamics as a successful CEO, and not publicly a sleazy prick with a horrific agenda. It's weird to see that he has discontent with 'peons' not taking any initiative; that's... actually a valid issue to have. Huh. Guess he made it to the top for a reason.

In any case, I'm not really for exploring much further here. If this is the 'public' face of Mackey, what we need is actually the 'private' face of Mackey. Which I guess is in the 'Heaven' room. Maybe we should just head on back and not rile up any unnecessary attention here.

Could be worth sticking around a minute to see if anything interesting happens but I somehow highly doubt it. Also worth checking the computers on the way back, though I suppose they could still be loading 'till the cows come home.

Fuse, I hope you're safe, buddy.
Baeronius 11th Sep 2017, 10:45 PM edit delete reply
I have a feeling that if we want to pass safely we need to ask a mundane question.

Is this where we should ask about the cover of that TPS report?
Kitty 11th Sep 2017, 11:05 PM edit delete reply
I suggest we try to get into his head by, well, actually showing some initiative. Put on our best "too busy to care about you" face and push past all the other peons, and tell Mr. Row that we have a proposal for him-- and if he's not interested, his loss, because our new program is gonna go places no matter what, and it's up to him if we wants to come along.

Bonus points for ganking the peons away from him while he considers it. "You wanna join my team? I'll make it worth your while. Stop pestering this guy here and follow me." And then just walk away with a vibe of "you are expected to trot behind me and do what I say like a good Pimply-Faced-Youth."

Then we can set the peons on analyzing what's on the computers and summarizing everything for us. If the dude asks if we'll give him Christmas off, say something along the lines of "Christmas? Sure, I'll give you Hanukah and Kwanzaa off too, if you make this happen for me. Don't fuck it up."

Essentially we need to be a whirlwind of empowered corporate leadership.
rufiangel 11th Sep 2017, 11:45 PM edit delete reply
I think it's an interesting idea but I'm hesitant to try this in the case it backfires. Jane is a nurse, not a corporate executive; I don't know how good her BS skills are in this position, and she's unable to sync Caius's Presentation skills through to help her. Also, Inception comes to mind; is it really a good idea to be making our presence fully known in this mindscape? I feel like it'd be safer not to draw attention whenever possible, because eventually our presence *will* be felt once we start tapping into the darker secrets and recesses of the mind and he'll get hostile anyway, if our trip in Michelle's head was any indication of how this is likely to go.

Just in terms of focus, we're here to find information on TH and I don't think the information is here, even if we get the peons to summarise what's in those computers. I interpret this Hekk room as Macland's public face and space; I think what we're looking for may not be here.
Mochi 11th Sep 2017, 11:41 PM edit delete reply
i really do like how you write these, how they're just ever so slightly coloured by the other party's point of view, like here where the "peons" are wasting time and with michelle's toy store. trying to get into his head and show initiative is an interesting idea, but you have to remember what Red told us last time. we can't change a person's mind from in here, so it might not have any difference what we do. rufi is right about his private live versus his professional life, the details we want are likely in the "heaven" room. it might be worth it to go straight back and try that. the less time we spend in here, the less chance there is that macland can pull any information from us.
PurpleKetchup 12th Sep 2017, 12:00 AM edit delete reply
Really wish we could go full inception and influence him from here...