Comic 349 - Discuss Queen with Mom's red

Posted on 9th Sep 2017, 12:44 AM in Unfathomable Hate
Discuss Queen with Mom's red

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Morgenstern 9th Sep 2017, 12:44 AM edit delete
You explain the drug Save the Queen, and ask the red if it could be based on the 'other' that your mom fought--and if that could influence the users' opinion of you. You mention the Lasker test, and the general history of the drug.

"It is very possible. Likely, even. It would explain your bloods' reaction to it. It is the nature of the blood to seek the end of the others. The blood from Mars would react strongly to your blood, and your blood to it. Your blood would react strongly to imitations, as well--because it is blood, familiar, complex, but not your own. The blood of an other. The blood from Mars could even react strongly to its own duplicates, for that very reason: it knows only that the blood is not itself. It cares not that the blood was forged in its image. It sees an other.

Those that think with that blood would share the hatred of what you are. I know not if a human mind could truly know such a longing for the destruction of another... but it would try to its limits."

You ask the red if you could, potentially, take someone else into the red with you when you travel through it.

"It is possible, though I do not know how it would affect their mind. Perception is different in the red. You do not see with your eyes when you are inside. You described yourself experiencing a month in an instant, did you not? And all that I am, all you see here, is not all of your mother's red--but the rest of it is contained nowhere. Time and space are adjacent concepts to features of the red... but it is not the same. The differences would no doubt have an impact on the human psyche."

You ask if your parents had a secret bunker or hideout somewhere.

"Yes. You are here."

You ask if it might be possible to travel through the blood inside someone... safely.

"They would need enough of your blood to form a proper exit. You would manifest inside them. My knowledge of the human body does lack, but I do not suspect they would survive the experience."

You ask the red if it can physically move anywhere else, or if it's stuck here.

"I can. It would no doubt impress the neighbors when I emerge from beneath the house, stretch my hundred legs and crawl away. Your mother could make or unmake versions of me wherever she chose... but I was her red, and her red alone. My only method of being, or not being, now is tedious and physical. It is unfortunate."

It mentioned that it could fly into space once--you ask about that.

"I am capable of flight. It would not go unnoticed."


rufiangel 9th Sep 2017, 1:58 AM edit delete reply
Every answer from 'You ask if your parents had a secret bunker or hideout somewhere' onwards just had me laughing-crying XD;;;; DANGIT

Well, at least we're starting to get more of an idea of what we're up against now. Blood teleporting is also not nearly as convenient of a thing as we'd like it to be, so maybe that's not something to try until we know for sure it's safe enough to give it a go. (Or we're desperate enough to give it a go.)

A couple of suggestions at this point.

1. We're tired, inside and out. We need a real rest. We *could*, potentially, blood the vent and force it wider open so Caius and Michelle can fit in, and just kind of stay the night in the corridor bit (not the organs bit). Just at least for one night, so we can rest knowing that if Feds come raiding the place, we always have this ridiculous failsafe of running into a spaceship and flying away. Eeeyeah. (Let's hope it doesn't come to that though.)
2. After we get enough rest, I think it's worth discussing the options of where to go for our new HQ. I still think Michelle's place in the Lower Tiers (which is very close to the Middle Tiers) is not a terrible idea, so long as we keep a low profile and keep our sneaky clothes on. We can also refill our ammo, first aid kit supplies and extra info while we're there.
3. Keep tabs on Dr. Finch, and our raven, and sync with cleantex with the raven if we have to figure out directions on how to get to wherever they took him. Always make sure he's okay. I still think a blood alarm for when he wakes up on him, if the toxicity levels in his blood are now stable enough to allow it, would make sense.
4. I am all for figuring out what the heck Fed/Zone Fifty want with us, but more importantly, we need to get Dr. Finch back so we know for sure he's secure. I think we need to formulate our next plan based on rescuing Dr. Finch. It'll be easier to formulate once we have more information on a) where he is and b) if he's conscious so he can tell us what's what.
5. After that, we can think about syncing with Mackey to get the info we need on TH. Potentially, if Mackey is still alone and awake right now, we can command him to say out loud where Carpenter and Shirai normally operate from, and then tell him to keep quiet (and definitely not encourage Carpenter or Shirai to move bases). We can keep the information on the locations for later use, to do what Caius suggested perhaps, after we've stabilised our own little group.

Just my thoughts. -v-)/
PurpleKetchup 9th Sep 2017, 2:56 AM edit delete reply
Yeah, it's probably time to have that talk with Michelle.
And then stealthily extract info out of Macland.
Varil 9th Sep 2017, 2:38 AM edit delete reply
It's hard to tell if Mom's red has a sense of humor or not. I feel like it might be having a bit of a chuckle at us.

In any case, it sounds like the only way to utilize Mom's red as more than an exposition machine would be to reveal its existence to the world at large and effectively declare open war against the factions arrayed against us.

...prooooobably not the wisest course of action for us. Sounds like ol' mumsie could take care of herself, so I doubt she outfitted her red with weapons.

It also sounds like we need to have a far greater mastery of our own nature before we risk taking our allies elsewhere.

...but if we were feeling immoral it does mean we could kidnap enemies through it, as long as we didn't care about breaking their mind along the way.

The real risk is the potential for losing track of time in our red if we use it for movement. We lost a month last time, but we also weren't all that aware of what was going on.

Before we try it again, we need an actual safe place for our allies to stay and lay low if we vanish for an extended period of time in a portal attempt gone wrong.

I do think that Rufi's idea of taking a night of rest in this corridor MIGHT be safe...but if someone decides to camp out upstairs we might be screwed, since there are no alternative exits.

I'm not 100% sure if Michelle's place would be safe. She was known to be at the hospital, and has been seen working with us since. They know who she is, and since she was a cop I bet her home isn't hard to find for those with the right resources. Did Fuse have a place? It'd be in the lower tiers, which is dangerous, but if we stick to disguises when we're moving about it might be safer than Michelle's for a temporary base of operations.

Can we use Fuse's general skillset to get some fake ID? Maybe we could just rent a crummy apartment somewhere. Not sure how we'd pay for it, though.
rufiangel 9th Sep 2017, 3:31 AM edit delete reply
Fuse says he lives in the 'wild west' parts of the Lower Tiers, which probably means closer to the bottom (and explains why he's a mutant). The lower down we go, the more rife the streets are with STQ. I think what you said about Michelle's place is also fair, though. I guess it's all dangerous at this point. I suppose we *could* ask Caius (sleazy business knowledge) or Fuse (criminal knowledge) about whether they've got a good idea on how to secure a temporary place without a paper trail, whether in the upper or lower tiers now that you mention it!

We currently have a raven parked outside our home so hopefully we can keep track every so often of whether or not we've got intruders camping outside. And figure out diversionary tactics if we have to, when it comes to leaving.
PurpleKetchup 9th Sep 2017, 2:52 AM edit delete reply
Bloodwise, there are 3 factions right now.
- Jane's red; which is apparently equal to her mother's, since they don't hate each other. A good thing, that.
- that one enemy (Nemesis?)'s red; mom splattered him across Mars, the government probably still has some samples left.
- Save the Queen; copied from the latter, but different enough to cause blood-hatred between the two. It's everywhere in town.
Jane has been exposed to that weak copy and it still killed her temporarily. Let's avoid getting exposed to the real stuff for now. Red might not win against it easily.

The problem with teleportation is the time component. She could jab a knife in a layer of her blood and make it come out inside Macland, but it would only happen after hours/days/weeks.
Not exactly reliable, also going full assassin is a pretty grim path to go down.
Guest 17th May 2019, 3:00 AM edit delete reply
It's also possible that STQ is made of her mother's blood. Both of them damaged the others; Mars was simply the battlefield.