Comic 332 - Start syncing

Posted on 4th Sep 2017, 10:11 PM in Unfathomable Hate
Start syncing

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Morgenstern 4th Sep 2017, 10:11 PM edit delete
You start altering Michelle's chemistry to wake her up faster. In the meantime, you ask what's going on. Fuse and Caius are both surprised, but slightly relieved, to see you awake.

"We've got good news, bad news, and weird news," says Fuse. "Good news is, I tracked that phone number. It belongs to Brother Harold Hope, one of those big preachers you see on TV. I then got side tracked trying to find out why Tiger Mask was in contact with a televangelist. Turns out, he's been doing some cross-denominational work with Enyo's charity stuff--he's been one of the faces of the public part of the church. The church of Enyo--the charity part, not the culty part--has been giving food, shelter, and cell phones to the poor. Brother Hope gets cell phones donated to him, and then he passes those phones out to the underprivileged. He puts his own personal phone number in each one, so they can call him if they need any help in the future.

Sounds pretty nice, right?

Here's the bad news, and you can thank Dr. Finch for this one: the place that donates those cell phones so Brother Hope can pass them out? That place is owned by Gesenai Shirai."

"An' they're prob'ly chippin' them phones," adds Caius, "If you was wonderin' how our friends found us."

"Wh... what's happenin'?" Michelle finally wakes up enough to speak.

You ask Caius if you can sync with him. "Y'gonna make me shoot better?" You nod. "Then fuggen do it, let's go."

Michelle nods, and you sync with Michelle and Caius. You transfer Michelle's gun skills to Caius, who immediately puts a bullet through the enemy's windshield. "Holy crap," he mutters, "That really worked."

You check your legs for spider bites, but find none. You definitely felt it in the sync, but it doesn't seem to transfer to reality. ...You also remember that Fuse mentioned weird news. You ask him about it real quick.

"Oh, yeah," Fuse says, still slightly distracted with driving. "The show Harold Hope does on Sundays is broadcast from one of Theodore Reigns' channels. It's not proof of anything, but MAN, what's with all the rich people being in cahoots?"


Baeronius 4th Sep 2017, 10:40 PM edit delete reply
One of the things with cults... Is that you can never predict what they'll do. But there will always be factions developing from it.
For example, there may be a faction inside the fringes of Enyo's cult, who value Jane more highly, and wish to become servants of the "devil".

When religious bodies start to bend, they bend in ways that can wrap around the unexpected.

If you plan to approach any of these venues, know that the "devil" worshipers may try to find you with hopes of attaining "Ascension", or in other words possibly altered bodies.
They also might stop at nothing to attain this, by "proving" themselves to the "demon".

They would be invaluable to practice medical alterations upon (such as learning how to repair Michelle's Lifespan), but if one asks, then a myriad of others may follow.

On one hand, their resources would make the takedown easier, but on the other hand, having people groveling about can make one feel uneasy. It would also place the concept of true domination in front of your friends. Even if you were desperate to make sure they would not be affected by it, the physical presence of such could cause intimidation and some separation between you and the closest friends.
Even if you explain to the faction members that all you can do is upon the Physical realm, they would most likely still follow you.

No one expects a demon to lead to salvation.
PurpleKetchup 4th Sep 2017, 11:54 PM edit delete reply
The problem with this particular cult is that their goddess is very much alive in their heads and can assume direct control.

That kind of deal tends to keep the faithful united and focused.
Baeronius 5th Sep 2017, 12:47 AM edit delete reply
There are followers who refuse to take the STQ (we've seen some before). Plus, if a fullblood can't change someone's opinion of a subject, I doubt a half-blood can either.
Also with the livestream, they don't have to be directly included in the Enyo cult to know of this, they simply have to spread the knowledge of the stream to others who have like interests.

It's kind of like how there is a church for Satan, that split off of the Christian system. They may have been a part of it, or they might have been circling. Who knows, but the spot is filled.
tor 4th Sep 2017, 10:40 PM edit delete reply
Wait if they put chips in their phones, didn't we take the phone to our hideout. Let's contact Finch to make sure he's alright. Also Michelle should take her gun out to help deal with our pursuers if they're still after us.
Mochi 4th Sep 2017, 10:41 PM edit delete reply
we had two phones, tiger mask's and waldo's. i sure hope we've ditched them now. we need to keep caius and michelle synced until michelle's awake enough to return fire, unless the bullet through the windshield stopped the car. even if it did, they may still chase us, as there was obviously more than one dude in that car. other than that, we could ask fuse if he thinks he could blow up this car like he blew up the one that was chasing the truck without burning himself again.
WalkerOfSorrow 4th Sep 2017, 10:45 PM edit delete reply
Adrenaline seems to make bad things happen to Fuse's powers, invariably. We should avoid that route.

Here's some bullet points salvaged from my late comment on the last post:

1. We learned that Michelle is going to have to absolve herself of Vasquez on her own, with us merely being emotional support.
2. We learned Michelle doesn't have much time left, because predictably, clones are crappy biologically.
3. We learned that if we go in Macland's head, we're just an observer. We can trigger cutscenes and fight internal conflict, but the only one with the power to make change is the sleeper, who we can't influence. If we go in Macland's head, he's going to have to want to improve as a person, and be able to do so. (tl;dr: it's mainly only useful to learn deep secrets about a person's state of mind, not to change anything)
4. We learned that we can't get help from our friends when in a forced sync.
5. We have come back out to discover that time passed, and we have been tracked down by Shirai.

And now some new ones:

6. Televangelist is running bugged phones to charity participants.
7. Hope in cahoots with the Shirai, Church of Enyo and Reigns.
PurpleKetchup 4th Sep 2017, 11:52 PM edit delete reply
Priorities. Hug Michelle.
Baeronius 5th Sep 2017, 12:00 AM edit delete reply
But we're also gonna have to talk to her about what we saw.

And give her an extra hug for the trees we didn't hug.