Comic 319 - Step through the door

Posted on 4th Sep 2017, 2:27 AM in Unfathomable Hate
Step through the door

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Morgenstern 4th Sep 2017, 2:27 AM edit delete
You walk through the formerly barbed wired door.


Varil 4th Sep 2017, 2:31 AM edit delete reply
Well, I've never thought I could find a pair of lockers to be ominous before, yet here we are.

Lets open one up, I guess.
Mochi 4th Sep 2017, 2:34 AM edit delete reply
that's... not what i was expecting. after axeman, i'm a little hesitant to go straight for the lockers. check out the cola machine first, see what comes out of it i guess? then very... very carefully check the lockers.
Kitty 4th Sep 2017, 2:34 AM edit delete reply
Ooh, lockers! Let's poke around in there.

We DID get her consent to snoop, after all... and a locker seems like a place that a relatively private thing might be kept. Also, we should check on top of/behind the lockers and soda machine, too. Never know where things might be hidden!
Varil 4th Sep 2017, 2:38 AM edit delete reply
That's a good point I hadn't considered. A person can keep secrets two ways. One is by refusing to talk about them(creating a barricade, such that even if someone knows a secret exists they can't learn the details), and by hiding it so that nobody even knows there's a secret in the first place.

It's possible that there's more to see here, but I don't think we should go hunting down every facet of Michelle's secrets. If we can learn one then that'll be good enough for now, to see the effect it has on Michelle and to see what sorts of defenses her mind might create.
4th Sep 2017, 2:44 AM edit delete reply
A soda machine, and no one to rip open the front of it this time.