Comic 308 - Send in Caius

Posted on 1st Sep 2017, 2:09 PM in Unfathomable Hate
Send in Caius

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Morgenstern 1st Sep 2017, 2:09 PM edit delete
You circle the block, trying to get a better look at the car. You're pretty sure you didn't see anyone inside it before... and you can't really see anyone inside it now.

You have the rat try to spot any signs of Queen use, but nothing stands out. You don't see a badge or anything, either--just the gun.

You describe the person, but no one in the car recognizes a figure of that description.

"Could we try calling the house...?" Fuse pitches. "Maybe they'll answer it."

You shake your head. Everyone had cell phones--there's no real 'house phone' to speak of.

You suggest sending Caius in with Michelle's badge, and having him pretend to be a police officer.

"Wait, why me? They ain't gonna believe that!"

Michelle turns to look at him. "If they're on Queen--or if they're part of TH's inner circle--they'll recognize me. They could prob'ly recognize any of us."

"Like they ain't gonna recognize me?," Caius counters. "Prophet was on that Queen junk too, right? He got a plenty good look at my face."

"You spent most of that time with a blindfold or sunglasses on," Fuse states. "And... you've had a haircut since then."

Caius' face scrunches up, and he grits his teeth... but he relents. "Alright, alright. Ya got me, I'll do it. Gimme the badge."

Michelle hands him her old police badge, and you drop Caius off. You don't park the car, but you continue to drive fairly close to the house in case Caius needs back up.

The front door is unlocked. Caius walks in.

You give him directions to your parents' old bedroom, where the mystery person is. Caius is already starting to pull the badge out as he approaches the room, so it'll be ready.

The woman turns. One hand reaches for her gun, the other hand pulls a badge from her pocket. "Freeze. Federal agent."

Caius holds his badge up. "Police. Got a report about a suspicious vehicle, possible break in." He says the words confidently, but they don't sound natural at all. It might just be because you know how Caius normally talks.

The woman releases her gun without drawing it, stowing her own badge. "Same."

Caius narrows his eyes a little. "A federal agent got a call about a break in? This tha president's house? Did bigfoot do the break in? Don't bullshit me here, Miss."

There's a pause, the woman seemingly stunned by Caius not just rolling with her story. She stares at Caius for a moment before she responds. "The owner of this house is legally dead. We have reason to believe she's not as dead as advertised."

"Still a city issue," Caius replies without missing a beat. "Unless she's pullin' one helluva tax scheme, that don't sound like a federal issue to me."

The woman squints. "Why are you so protective of this house? Who are you contracted to?"

Caius pauses, his momentum stumbling. It doesn't seem like he knows the answer to that question... or at least, he's not sure how you want it to be answered, and he doesn't want to throw you under the bus.


AlphaDragon 1st Sep 2017, 2:38 PM edit delete reply
The deceased girl's parents contracted my company before they passed to keep an eye on their precious child. Now one of the "Uncles" wants to sue us because it looks like we botched the job. We're trying to prove we didn't.
AlphaDragon 1st Sep 2017, 2:40 PM edit delete reply
For the sake of clarity, we should have Caius say the above...
worthless 1st Sep 2017, 2:40 PM edit delete reply
That is VERY creative!
Mochi 1st Sep 2017, 2:47 PM edit delete reply
i like that, it could work. maybe "friend if the family" instead of uncle though?
AlphaDragon 1st Sep 2017, 2:51 PM edit delete reply
I'm good with "friend of the family" instead of uncle
WalkerOfSorrow 1st Sep 2017, 3:44 PM edit delete reply
I don't know how law works in this setting, but the suggestion sounds pretty airtight. Saying we're contracted by the family's estate means we have the right to be here, and saying that we need to be here getting proof gives us reason.

Only thing I would add is for Caius to be ready. If she's not a real federal agent, she could try to ice him really quick. He needs to stay close enough to make this a matter of fists rather than guns. If he gets reason to shut her down, then he needs to be looking for a chance, and needs to be in the right position to use it.
worthless 1st Sep 2017, 2:48 PM edit delete reply
we should suggest to Caius to tell her to not change the subject. I mean she doesn't even have anything to prove she's an Federal Agent, and also lets try to draw from their conversation she was stunned by Caius not just rolling with her story why did she think that... not enough pay on the police side... hmm what other reason can there be? what do you think comment reader
PurpleKetchup 1st Sep 2017, 3:06 PM edit delete reply
Small digression, but...
I still remember Michelle crushing Fuse's alibi in a single line when they met back at Howler's place; and now this.
That's two tubepersons supposedly built for physical abilities that are also very good at detecting bullshit.
Let's call it coincidence for now.

Anyway, federal or not she might be bad news. At best she's a genuine agent and wants to spirit Jane away to study her powers.
At worst just another Queen plant who'll shoot us ASAP.
Warn Caius not to let her out of his sight. A moment is all it takes.

Jane's got too many enemies everywhere.
Mochi 1st Sep 2017, 3:34 PM edit delete reply
to be fair, fuse did not look like pest control.
tor 1st Sep 2017, 3:34 PM edit delete reply
Wait so is the bloodied blanket in Jane's room still there or was it moved somewhere? Also, yeah I agree with AlphaDragon.
tor 1st Sep 2017, 3:37 PM edit delete reply
If the bloodied blanket is still there can we use it as a distraction, or can we use the mouse.