Comic 269 - Start checking the hall

Posted on 23rd Aug 2017, 2:45 PM in Unfathomable Hate
Start checking the hall

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Morgenstern 23rd Aug 2017, 2:45 PM edit delete
You ask Fuse what's really going on.

He turns to you, hesitating... but then lets out a sigh, his shoulders sinking a little. "The forums that Howler was visiting. ...The Queen ones. There was a user on those forums named RedEyedProphet. He was an administrator on one site, and a regular poster on the other... he was one of the guys pitching some greater spiritual hokum behind all the tripping. The more you said about this guy, the more I knew... it had to be the same dude.

Howler was a piece of work. Nobody made him into that, but these psychos did encourage him. They gave him an outlet. They fed him resources. He might have just gone on being a terrible person in secret if nobody had... I don't know, recruited him."

Fuse stares at the floor for a moment.

"Maybe he wouldn't have done any of it if I had stuck by him. I dunno. Maybe I'm just mad at myself. He was weird, and a little unhinged, but... Howler wasn't all this. I grew up and I moved on, and he... I guess he just retreated into his own crazy world. I hadn't... I hadn't seen him in a while. Like... years. Maybe I should have called. Maybe I should have said something. ...I don't know, man.

This prophet guy... he needs to be stopped. There's probably, like... dozens of guys on those forums, or more, just as dangerous as Howler was. Or in that church. This dude's just... preying on people that don't know any better, or people that want an excuse to do something terrible. He's giving them that excuse.

I took off my beanie, and I put my visor back on... because I wanted him to know who I am. Who Howler was. I want RedEyedProphet to know why... exactly why I'm going to fucking kill him."

You check the warehouse office. The first aid kit on the wall has some basic supplies, like bandages, aspirin, and a thermometer. The small boxes on the pallet are filled with... you're not sure, actually. Small, metal parts. Tiny clips, wires, and other mechanical fragments. You check the desk, as well, but all you find is pens and paperwork. Old paperwork--it looks like this warehouse hasn't seen official, proper use in at least two years.

However, the forklift you saw in the guard's room looked pretty functional... which means the warehouse is probably still in use. Off the books, so to speak.

You send a message to the guard, telling him that you're coming to save him. You ask if he wouldn't mind stating his name. The guard speaks aloud, but quietly. "Caius."

You tell the clown to do the same. "Waldo," says the clown.

You tell Waldo to carefully, cautiously, check what's in the bloody box. He taps it with his foot. He taps it harder, shaking it a little. He then slowly, nervously, opens the box...

You have found most of the bartender.

Waldo vomits.

You tell Waldo to check the smaller boxes on the shelf. He starts to search through them, ripping through the tape with his gloved hands, but inside... more small mechanical parts. The boxes aren't properly labeled, and the tag on the shelf is from about three years ago. The boxes definitely don't look that old.

Finally, you have Waldo check the middle door. He presses his hands to the metal bar to push the door open--

electricity floods his body, his cloth gloves doing nothing to protect him from the voltage. The feeling is brief, and you only get a fraction of it. About three seconds. You hardly have time to react, to think, before the electricity interrupts the rhythm of his heart. The sensory overload is profound enough that he barely feels it himself--only the fear as tetanic contraction sets in. Your first instinct is to tell him to let go of the door, but he can't. He physically can't. You look for something to pry him off with--something non-conductive, not metal--but he stops breathing at five seconds total.

His body is forced to let go, and not in a way that's particularly enjoyable to read about. His arms are visibly burnt as his corpse hits the floor.

Waldo is dead.


AlphaDragon 23rd Aug 2017, 3:50 PM edit delete reply
So, just to verify, even though we felt it, did we take any really damage from Waldo being electrocuted? Is it possible for us to be damaged through our blood link?
Morgenstern 23rd Aug 2017, 4:23 PM edit delete reply
Have you ever had a tooth pulled?

If you're numbed up enough, you don't feel any pain, but you still feel the pressure of the dentist cranking on your tooth. You don't feel it, but you feel it. It's a bit like that. You're not personally hurt, or really even affected, by what's happening on the other end of your link. You're just uncomfortably aware of what's going on.
Deadly Death Sickle 19th Sep 2017, 7:31 PM edit delete reply
Deadly Death Sickle
I know this is way out dated but I fairly certain that when the dentist 'numbs' your jaw, it blocks the 'pain' receptors of the nerves but not the receptors that sense... pressure?
I'm not fully sure, but I know not all of it would be blocked, in this situation, you feel the clown being shocked, like perhaps a vibration, but your know actually hurt I guess...
Guest 23rd Aug 2017, 3:54 PM edit delete reply
Take a moment to mourn the loss - before looking around for anything rubber or what-have-you that you could use to protect yourself; just be careful of any more sneaky traps like that
Mochi 23rd Aug 2017, 3:58 PM edit delete reply


uh… that's a problem. um. also, horrific. poor waldo. we couldn't have known the door was electrified though… still, i feel bad for the guy.

tell fuse we'll make sure that prophet pays. make sure he's aware, though, that if these guys know what he really looks like, he might be hunted like we are. if he's alright with that, then fine. as for advancement, i suggest we move into the vent behind the shelf, if we can get to it. also, kind of unrelated, but is there a reason beyond a style choice that he wears the visor?

also, hi caius. hopefully we'll meet in person soon.

oh, and it might be a bit... gnarly... to do so, but take waldo's phone, if it still works. he doesn't need it anymore, and it may have useful info in it.
Guest 23rd Aug 2017, 4:06 PM edit delete reply
Is there anything to put blood in that could push/pull a door handle for you? If not, move past the corpse formerly know as Waldo to the other open door.
rufiangel 23rd Aug 2017, 5:25 PM edit delete reply
Oh. Man. Sorry, Waldo. Like, seriously, yes, we were kind of using you to check ahead and stuff but I didn't think for a second the door would fry you to death. ;;;; That's... that's awful.

Also finding most of the bartender is just awful, too.

THIS WAREHOUSE IS AWFUL. What are they using this warehouse for, to the point they'd have a military-grade shield generator installed to protect it? I'm guessing this one is funded by Macland Row in particular, too. Yikes.

As for Fuse, someone called it being Howler-related from the start, and now it makes a lot of sense. Fundamentally speaking, Fuse is not a killer; he's never killed anyone intentionally before and he's always stopped on his own (like with Michelle's gun when we first met him, or just now with the metal pipe) beforehand. Rage may be propelling him now, but... well, whatever the case may be, he shouldn't be mad at himself so much. It wasn't his fault what happened with Howler. Going forward, putting his efforts into helping to stop this conspiracy is more than anyone could expect from him; he had a choice to leave with his Punk!Friend, but he didn't. Like Mochi said, if Fuse is really okay with putting his face out there, then we get it. Either way we're together in this. *pats Fuse*

What's a good way past this door, if we really want to know what's behind it? I mean, seems like it might be worth checking out if there's security of that level around it. Might even be the shield generator. If we, uh, poured blood into the handle (without touching it) and synced with Fuse/Michelle, could we figure out a way to open it?
Mochi 23rd Aug 2017, 5:40 PM edit delete reply
i forget a lot of the time that fuse is only 19. he's just a kid, and he's been through hell the last few days. he's not going it alone, but still. this is a lot. i think he deserves a hug for keeping it together this long.
rufiangel 23rd Aug 2017, 7:55 PM edit delete reply
Pat-hug? Hug-pat?
Mochi 23rd Aug 2017, 8:11 PM edit delete reply
rufiangel 23rd Aug 2017, 8:38 PM edit delete reply
Crestlinger 23rd Aug 2017, 5:30 PM edit delete reply
Sorry Waldo, at least it was quick.

Take the mask, it might come in handy to fool people or as something to pose as a head decoy.

That pipe is going to come in Very handy as a door knocker: kicked up against one no sparks = open with care (like with unattached bloody bandages). Sparks = throw enemies on it/trick them to opening the door (Bye Nimrod). It is likely hooked up to the shield generator itself to have that kind of voltage so finding that power source could lead to the other.

If either of them have a high enough tolerance for this sort of thing they could make some bloody footprints leading up to the door with Waldo there it would make it look as though you found a way to get inside with the power on while being chased.

Inform Dr. Finch and Michelle of what happened and when he is able ask him to look into the info on the warehouse to see what it was previously storing or situated on top of.

Ask Michelle if any of this sounds like steps 1-10 of how to either make an electromagnetic pulse generator or Queen the city's water supply as that sounds like the prophet's end goal here and would explain 'turning their own guns... on themselves'.