Comic 252 - Head to the lower tiers

Posted on 18th Aug 2017, 10:58 PM in Blood on Mars
Head to the lower tiers

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Morgenstern 18th Aug 2017, 10:58 PM edit delete
You all put on your sneaking outfits. It takes a little while, but Michelle finally convinces Dr. Finch to let you all borrow his car. You ask Fuse if he has any level--he confirms that he has some left, but not much. You ask Dr. Finch to keep an eye on Elegance's surveillance while the three of you are gone.

You get into Dr. Finch's car, and begin making your way to the lower tiers.

The ride there is mostly quiet. Fuse is the first to finally break the silence. "It doesn't feel right, does it?"

Michelle leans forward from the back seat. "Don't say it. You say it, you're gonna jinx the whole thing."

Fuse exhales. He hesitates. "It's almost too easy." Michelle immediately sinks back into her seat, balling up her fists. "Dammit, Fuse."

"Think about it, though! We're dealing with... what, the CEO of Row Dynamics, at least one other huge business guy, all their guards, all their connections, mind control... us four losers waltzed in and took a whiz on the floor of their private club, and we walked away like it was no big deal. It's weird. It doesn't feel right."

"They're cocky," offers Michelle. "They didn't expect it. That's why it worked."

"They had to expect it," counters Fuse. "They at least sort of know what Blondie is capable of. They weren't prepared in the slightest. I don't like it."

The ride through the lower tiers is fairly uneventful. Michelle gives you directions to where she thinks the warehouse is, and you spend about twenty minutes riding around an industrial district looking for the one warehouse in particular. Finally, you spot it.

The front door is now heavily guarded. Young men in masks and hoodies, wielding improvised weapons, stand watch at the gate. They don't look like tube cops--they don't even look like official security. They're dressed, and carrying themselves, like random people from the lower tiers.

You remember specifically telling Macland to leave the warehouse unguarded... which means this group was called by someone else.

Michelle's voice quiets substantially. "Maybe there's another way in."

Your guard is still alive, and still asleep.


Shrek 18th Aug 2017, 11:12 PM edit delete reply
Check on our guard. Don't just assume that he's safe because he's asleep.
Mochi 19th Aug 2017, 1:05 AM edit delete reply
well, shit. how many men? it's safe to say we don't want to be seen, like at all. they're definitely queened. see if we can sense anything through the guard, most specifically if we can hear anything inside the warehouse. if he wakes up, suggest that he doesn't move or make it obvious that he's awake.