Comic 245 - Imitate cleantex

Posted on 15th Aug 2017, 3:29 PM in Blood on Mars
Imitate cleantex

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Morgenstern 15th Aug 2017, 3:29 PM edit delete
You decide to try and imitate the effect of cleantex. It's not a drug you're overly familiar with the mechanics of--unlike caffeine or painkillers, you're not sure what, exactly, cleantex does to the body to invoke its effects. You sync with Fuse and Dr. Finch, and between the two of them--and your own medical knowledge--you are able to figure out enough to duplicate it.

Michelle brings a pen and paper, and Fuse--under your faux cleantex effect--begins to write down the names he saw on the membership list. You now have a list of 30 names.

Notably, none of the first or last names begin with a TH.

You also check on Fuse's arm, making sure that it's healing properly. With all of that settled, you all decide it would be best to go to bed for now.

What will you do the next day?


Mochi 15th Aug 2017, 3:58 PM edit delete reply
i think we should probably check on macland. someone a few pages ago suggested trying to entice him over to our side by playing on his revulsion and distrust towards whoever is behind queen, that seems like it might be a good plan. not quite sure exactly how we'd go about doing that, though. he doesn't seem to like us very much, either. as of now, TH doesn't know we were involved at all, but if we go to macland and try to win him over and fail, that might change, which would be bad. he's really our only link to TH at the moment though, so i don't think we have a choice.

if anyone else has any idea of where to look for more leads, maybe follow their plan and not this one :P
PurpleKetchup 15th Aug 2017, 5:19 PM edit delete reply
One last thing before bed - quick check on McLand's consciousness level. If he's not all there, try syncing.
Just a bit, nothing too invasive.
rufiangel 15th Aug 2017, 9:03 PM edit delete reply
I think it is possible that Jane is too tired to check in on Macland because it is 5:00am or so at this point, I'm guessing, she's just synced with Fuse and Dr. Finch, which is an exhausting process, and MM already wrote everyone went to bed which probably means we went to bed. XD;; But in the case that she IS alert enough to do this, sure - at least peeking in Macland's brain doesn't seem to be a bad idea, assuming we don't delve immediately into it.

If not (at least, not alert enough to make it safe enough to try) I think next morning, it'd be good (after a really good breakfast - whose turn is it to cook this time? Michelle cooked last time right?) to look into all the TH-names that Dr. Finch just mentioned, see if we can pinpoint any likelihood of any of them being the Queen. Of course, we should check in on Macland and make sure he hasn't succumbed to the dark side (entirely, anyway) just yet.

Other side-projects including researching the names we got from Fuse's faux-Cleantex trip to see if any of them have the ability to have large influence over the lower/mid-tiers. (Can we ask how that was compared to a regular Cleantex trip, btw? XD;) And maybe get our white rat (Willard?) back out to us, assuming the club is safe to leave now XD;;;
Macheman7 15th Aug 2017, 11:17 PM edit delete reply
TH- is probably a nickname or codename, because truly secretive people try to keep their codenames secret.
Anyway, keep in mind TH- might actually be -TH- - That is, it might appear in the middle of the name.
Joint effort time-
Fuse: Check the internet (or equivalents) for gov'ment codenames that feature TH's, as well as a general search for spooky shit pertaining. The drug forum could be a start, the QueenSlave thing. Check for users with a TH.
Doc Finch: Use Political Knowledge. Try to think of politics people who might have a big TH in their name. As a lazy genius, also think of people in the scientific community who could work.
Michelle: Think of military or police people who might have a connection.
Also get ahold of Grizwald, he might know something about a TH. If not, invite him to. I don't know, hang out with us, if he wants.

Once all that is exhausted, probably go Full Break on Macland and have him wire us a large sum of money, which we can then use for fun things like food, weaponry, useful shit, and a "Brown Rat" memorial. (R.I.P. little friend.)
Also, you know, with the extracting of the information and the ruining of the will and all that.

Something's going to happen soon. But we don't know the time frame of soon. In light of that, I also suggest playing videogames (or other fun activities) together to keep our mental health topped up. Monsters, intrigue, and murder take a toll on people, even the superhuman or supersmart.
Or not human.