Comic 240 - Go for the undignified grapple

Posted on 14th Aug 2017, 2:03 PM in Blood on Mars
Go for the undignified grapple

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Morgenstern 14th Aug 2017, 2:03 PM edit delete
You have Fuse light the guard's radio on fire, and your guard attempt to grapple the other guard.

Fuse believes he can do it, but his nerves get the better of him--the fire is large and spreads quickly across the guard's body. It's enough of a distraction, at least, the guard unable to get a grip on his radio. Your controlled guard rushes him, trying to wrestle the gun from his hand.

One gunshot discharges, then another. The blond guard being on fire puts him at an early disadvantage, but a gunshot wound to your guard's stomach and arm quickly even things out. You try to make your way through the vents quickly, but you can't get there fast enough--the blond guard finally, after a great deal of struggling, manages to bring the end of his gun to your guard's chest.

You feel your guard die.

The blond guard hits the floor, the fire consuming him. He grits his teeth, fighting not to scream as he pulls the unburnt radio off of your guard's body.


You reach the security office just in time to see the guard black out and hit the floor, his body completely ablaze. From Macland, you can see that the other guards got the message--the scarred guard immediately tenses up, bringing Macland in close as he steps out of the restroom stall. The scarred guard brings his own radio to his lips. "South guards, form a perimeter. I want all exits accounted for. All of them."


EclairForce 14th Aug 2017, 2:42 PM edit delete reply
Well crud. I guess that means we're about to be trapped. So we need to go aggressive or get out. I'm leaning towards aggressive. Have fuse take some level and start toasting anyone who becomes an issue and grab a gun ourselves. Signal Michelle to bust her way in and hopefully we can nab our guy without getting cornered.

Alternatively we've got our blood in him. Do we really need to have him when we can sense through him?
Kitty 14th Aug 2017, 3:13 PM edit delete reply
Yeah, we probably want to get out now and worry about grabbing Mac later, especially since he seems less than entirely resistant to our control over him. We should move as quickly as possible, because it's likely that the guards will move pretty fast to block off all the exits.

Argh, it's frustrating that we can't get that incriminating footage from the computer though... Could Fuse somehow use the program he already stuck on the computer to grab the info from afar?
Kitty 14th Aug 2017, 3:19 PM edit delete reply
Can we trigger some sort of gag reflex to make Mac vomit all over the scarred guard long enough to maybe slow him down a bit? Or cause Mac to otherwise be confused and panicky, like a drunk, paranoid person might be during an emergency? (Only if we can do this without it seeming too suspicious-- if we can mimic the natural effects of being drunk and confused.)

A panicky ward might not be a HUGE barrier to a professional guard, but every little bit of distraction helps.

We can also have the bartender start getting in the way and asking questions as obtrusively as possible as soon as the people in the club might reasonably notice something's wrong. "WAIT WHAT'S GOING ON, WHERE ARE YOU GOING, DID SOMETHING HAPPEN, OH GOD ARE WE GOING TO DIE!?" Some people really do act like this during an emergency, so again the guards might be trained to handle it, but it might at least slow them down or divert their attention a little bit.
Eternity 14th Aug 2017, 4:47 PM edit delete reply
I say syringe whoever's in front of the vents, and just have him forget he saw us while we get out.