Comic 211 - Head toward the club

Posted on 10th Aug 2017, 2:19 PM in Blood on Mars
Head toward the club

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Morgenstern 10th Aug 2017, 2:19 PM edit delete
You switch with Michelle, giving her the shotgun, and you a pistol.

You, Michelle, and Fuse begin heading toward the club. You head there before dark so that you can decide where to set up at, and so that you can plug into their surveillance system before people show up.

You discuss what the best plan would be.

"We might not need to have much of an outpost at all," Michelle says. "Finch can stay back at his lab, you and Fuse can go inside, and I can either drive around or wait in the nearby parkin' lot. I'll stay in the car, so when you give me the signal I can come get you guys."

Fuse thinks to himself for a moment. "If we get chased out of there, crossing a parking lot might be bad news. Running into a public place, like the hotel, makes us less likely to... well, get shot."

"True," adds Michelle, "but it might be harder to make a fast getaway if we have to file outta the hotel. Plus, we wouldn't be able to stay there without payin' some crazy amount. We'd prob'ly all have to pitch in for that one."

You reach the club. You drop off the first rat, which you've given the thumb drive and some of your bloody bandages, from the parking lot nearby. You maneuver it to the club easily enough.

Your rat is now in the alley behind Elegance. It should be able to squeeze into the vent. You, Fuse, and Michelle are still in the car--Michelle is currently driving. There's not too many other cars in the parking lot at the moment, so staying there might not be a great idea.


Kitty 10th Aug 2017, 3:28 PM edit delete reply
Does the hotel have a back door? We don't necessarily need a room at the hotel to be able to treat it as a public place we can run to in order to not get shot-- just running through the lobby and out the back would work, if we can have Michelle waiting for us behind there (or notify her via Blood-o-phone to head back there as soon as something goes wrong).

Let's send the rat into the vent right away in the meantime, to make for the lowest possible chance that someone will walk through the alley and just happen upon our rather out-of-place bandage-wrapped rat.