Comic 209 - Prepare

Posted on 9th Aug 2017, 9:15 PM in Blood on Mars

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Morgenstern 9th Aug 2017, 9:15 PM edit delete
Michelle says that, when she went to get weapons, she also took a quick look around the outside of Elegance.

"Elegance is a one story building. There's like an eight story hotel behind it, a seafood place next to it, and a vacant parking lot on the other side of it. Across the street from it are a 24/7 convenience store and a cell phone place that closes before dark."

You ask Michelle and Fuse about their apartments.

"Not much to speak of in mine," Michelle says, "though, you prob'ly know that already--you had to stay there while we waited for Howler to get caught. Just some trashy furniture, and prob'ly the smallest TV in the city."

Fuse thinks for a second. "I've got a bunch of computers, but most of them are junk. I have a couple that I scrapped together from parts of the others. I live in the lower tiers, though, which is kind of the danger zone right now." "Same," adds Michelle.

You ask Fuse if he could cook up something to take the club's camera feeds. He nods. "Yeah, I can probably link it to my cell phone. Give me a minute." He disappears further into Dr. Finch's house, probably to go use his computer.

You try bleeding on some bandages, then putting them on one of the rats. You can control the bandages better than you could without the rat, but not as well as you could if they were on you. It works, but it's not very precise.

You check the news to see if anything crazy is happening. The news is mostly talking about the increase in crime--people from the lower tiers are committing more acts of arson, vandalism, theft, and violence against people from the middle tiers.

"Think it's connected?," asks Michelle.

Dr. Finch nods, adjusting his glasses. "I can almost guarantee it. Between Save the Queen and the possible influence of the Temple of Enyo infecting the lower tiers, there's no shortage of people either directly controlled by or being manipulated by those directly controlled by our enemy. Turning the lower tiers against the middle tiers is Class Warfare 101--it distracts from anything the villains of the upper tiers are doing, or about to do. Howler's arrest plays into this, as well--he was a lower tier criminal whose crimes devastated the middle tiers. The common man isn't paying attention to the rich right now--he's turning his gaze to what he thinks are the violent, dangerous criminals below. I theorize that something bad is going to happen soon, and our foe is setting up to disguise it."

Fuse returns with a thumb drive, handing it to you. "If you can plug that into their surveillance system, I should be able to hijack the feed."


Mochi 9th Aug 2017, 9:52 PM edit delete reply
are we able to control Fuse's bandages, as he's been injected with jane's blood? or is that too far removed from jane herself? also, should we maybe apply some bandages to ourselves as a form of defense? they were pretty apt at wielding scalpels in the last chapter, maybe they can handle something larger. might be good to have in case we get into a super bad situation.
Morgenstern 9th Aug 2017, 10:40 PM edit delete reply
Fuse's bandages are too far removed, though you could, technically, put your blood on his bandages and control them.
Macheman7 9th Aug 2017, 10:48 PM edit delete reply
Thank you for the inventory check last page Morgenstern, you're awesome.

Dr. Finch's Political Knowledge may be of use. Any (upper-tier) politicians who might want to become some sort of dictator?
Also, fill us in on some political details, like who's running things: President, or dictator, or what.

...See if there's a way we can easily make more blood on the go without having to pass out. Can creatures injected with our blood produce it? (This may have been covered, and I believe the answer is no.)

Make getting the camera feeds a top priority. Maybe have it so that Dr. Finch could see the feeds, because, you know, headquarters guy.

Maybe bring some food (protein bars or something), in case we need it.

...Also, can Jane's blood mimic the placebo effect? That seems like a potentially useful quality.

I'm just throwing out ideas at this point, and some of them may have been said before.