Comic 155 - Go talk to Michelle

Posted on 5th Aug 2017, 2:48 AM in Blood on Mars
Go talk to Michelle

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Morgenstern 5th Aug 2017, 2:48 AM edit delete
You remember that Michelle was pretty well educated on police and military technology... at least when it came to guns. Maybe doors?

You check the rest of the hallway, but it seems like it was built just to lead up to this door. There's words on the door, but the print is... strange. It looks like it says "NO ENTER." You lean in to see if you can hear anything through the door.

"Soundproof, right? If it's what it looks like it is, it's EVERYTHING proof. That thing could take a bomb going off on it." You tell Fuse that you're going to go talk to Michelle. "Sure. No problem."

You climb back up the ventilation shaft, but you stop just short of leaving it. Michelle is pacing the room with... you can't pin it down, but something about her gait is odd. Deliberate. Not quite stomping, but... like she wants to make noise without being too obvious about it.

She has tears in her eyes.


rufiangel 5th Aug 2017, 2:56 AM edit delete reply
Without alarming her, gently ask her what's wrong. Did something happen? :(