Comic 150 - Step inside your house

Posted on 4th Aug 2017, 10:10 PM in Blood on Mars
Step inside your house

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Morgenstern 4th Aug 2017, 10:10 PM edit delete
You insert your house key into the front lock.

It still works. No one's changed it.

You walk into your house.

Everything looks to be where you left it.

Fuse is absolutely stunned. "Wow... I know you said upper tier, but... I wasn't like... expecting upper tier."


Paradoxdragonpaci 4th Aug 2017, 10:40 PM edit delete reply
Do a House Tour for Everyone here
Xylas_Incarnum 4th Aug 2017, 11:11 PM edit delete reply
seconded. This place is way more posh than what I was expecting. Still, be a bit cautious, nothing so far has really been all that straight forward. I doubt that's going to change now.
Espylacopa 4th Aug 2017, 11:20 PM edit delete reply
I would suggest seeing if you can use your bed to do that blood travel thing again but the only other place we know of that's bloodstained enough is the body bag and that's probably not somewhere you want to return.

So, yeah, house tour.