Comic 137 - Take cleantex

Posted on 3rd Aug 2017, 5:47 PM in Blood on Mars
Take cleantex

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Morgenstern 3rd Aug 2017, 5:47 PM edit delete
You start to explain what all is going on to Fuse.

Okay, you give him the short version, because yowza. Fuse nods, pulling some items out of his jacket pockets. "Well... I don't know how good it'll be at remembering stuff post portem, but I've never seen a memory problem cleantex couldn't solve."

"You sure about this, Blondie?" Michelle still seems fairly worried--there's way, way too much that none of you understand yet. She's still staying pretty close to Fuse, though she knows you could stop him with a thought.

You nod to her, and to Fuse. Using cleantex seems like the most effective way to figure out what happened the day you died.

He takes a couple of minutes to prepare it... and then he injects you. "You're going to remember... well, everything. Ever. Every math problem from third grade, every pattern of every carpet you've ever walked on, everything anyone in front of you in line has ever ordered. Focus past it. Try to narrow your mind to just... that... day."

You sink into slowly. Your thoughts race faster and faster until it grows hard to think at all. Everything you look at reminds you of a hundred other things, other events, other places and times and people. You have to shut your eyes, and for a second, you feel hands bracing you. You were so absorbed in trying to focus that you forgot to continue standing.

"Breathe, too. You need to breathe."

It's hard to push past everything that's been happening lately. The monsters. The fear. Your heart races; it's like you're going through it all again, like you can just pop right into or out of the nightmare in an instant.

You push past that.

You woke up to go to work. You put on your uniform. You locked the door behind you. You took the first train, like you always do, and then... at the station between.

You were attacked.

Three guys in tattered clothes. They looked like they were from the lower tiers, and they were acting strangely. You figured they were high, but you were hoping they would just keep walking. One of them stopped and started harassing you, then they all did. They started pushing you, crowding you. You thought they were going to attack you.

One of them injected you with a drug. A needle full of purple liquid.

"Save the Queen," mumbles Fuse. "...Fuck."

And then... they stopped. They calmed down and they wandered off.

You faded in and out of hallucinations. The walls kept trying to morph and change but you fought it. You tried to get on the next train to work, but...

you never made it.

You stumbled around the city, fighting the drug's grip on your mind. You would find yourself wandering out to random places, but then pulling yourself back. Almost taking things but resisting. By the time you made it back home, you were sweating blood.

You crawled into bed. Blood was seeping from your pores. It covered the sheets. It stained the bed. Everything went black.

You woke up in a body bag.

You thought it was a nightmare.

You gasped and squirmed. You could feel your blood on the inside of the bag.

You slid into your own blood

everything was red

you moved from the body bag back to your bed, at home, your body rising from the bloodstains in the sheets

You woke up, you showered... you put on your uniform, and you went to work. You had been dead for a month. It had only felt like a day.

People on the street gave you strange looks. Not all of them. Just... a few of them. People from the lower tiers. They were shocked. Offended. You weren't supposed to be here. You were supposed to be dead.

You had just gotten off the second train when the crash happened. Two cars from completely different directions. Powered by Tobu CyberBrains. Their brakes had been cut.

You woke up in the hospital with all the monsters.

"I've... I've known a lot of guys that did Save the Queen, I've never heard of a reaction like that. Sweating blood? Resisting the trip? Everybody just... sinks right into it and goes nuts. It sounds like your body rejected Queen, or had some other adverse reaction to it.

Did you say you teleported through a pool of your own blood? Holy shit. Are you remembering that right?" Fuse turns to Michelle, running a hand through his hair. "She's not, like, having an adverse reaction to cleantex, is she?"

Michelle shakes her head. "I dunno, man. Our doctor friend's spent, like, the last month analyzing her blood. Her blood type is none, or every blood type, based on which scan you use."

"Is she a mutant?," asks Fuse.

"Nah. That's the only thing we're sure about. No EMF flickers when she uses her powers. She has weird DNA, but it's a whole different ballgame from how mutations look. We don't know what's goin' on."

You press your weight into the kitchen counter, trying to stop thinking for a second. It's like being on a roller coaster that you can't get off of.


Vahno 3rd Aug 2017, 6:31 PM edit delete reply
Something went... WRONG. This is fucking creepy.
Green Slime 3rd Aug 2017, 7:09 PM edit delete reply
Green Slime
Woah. Okay then. Now I have to wonder if Queen is a parasite that hijacks your brain, or something.
Kitty 3rd Aug 2017, 7:19 PM edit delete reply
We should probably lie down. If we can focus enough to do that. So that we don't risk losing focus on being upright and smashing our head into the counter.

Also breathe! We should remember to do that, too.
Vahno 3rd Aug 2017, 9:02 PM edit delete reply
...Compare her blood to Queen.
DrBilly 3rd Aug 2017, 9:33 PM edit delete reply
Bloodportation? It would be hard to casually use it, but handy nonetheless.

Also: Dr. Finch, smile for the camera.
rufiangel 3rd Aug 2017, 9:34 PM edit delete reply
This crazy twisty ride is amazing :'D <3

That's a crazy trip (pun intended). How long do the effects last for?
EmorMiner 4th Aug 2017, 10:58 AM edit delete reply
I dunno it seem to last a bit longer than an hour if i'm reading it right
Baeronius 3rd Sep 2017, 6:10 AM edit delete reply
I could so imagine her coming out of a pool of blood at someone's Comicon just to freak people out.

But it would probably have to be a fabricated copy of her blood, cause that'd just be a bit pointless if she was too tired to jump and scare people. Heh Heh.
Baeronius 3rd Sep 2017, 6:26 AM edit delete reply
Mutation Complete.