Comic 120 - Check his browsing history

Posted on 3rd Aug 2017, 12:08 AM in Blood on Mars
Check his browsing history

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Morgenstern 3rd Aug 2017, 12:08 AM edit delete
You check his browser history. It looks like he's mostly been hanging out on drug related forums... a couple of places you recognize, at least two that you don't. Both of the unfamiliar sites seem to focus on discussing a drug called Save the Queen.

That rings a bell.

Save the Queen, sometimes just called Queen, is a drug for going on magical trips. Hallucinogenic as all hell. You've taken it once--and only once. You woke up naked in the park two days later and you never touched the stuff again. It seems like the sites Howler was frequenting were mostly for telling stories about what wacky antics people have gotten up to on Queen, where they've woken up, and so forth. Some of the posters are talking about the drug in glowing, spiritual terms, like the hallucinations changed their lives. A lot of people are just talking about what the drug is.

Nobody knows what it is.

It just started coming up the lower tiers one day. It happens all the time, usually just different strands of Level or new combinations or old drugs with kooky names. Save the Queen was different. Some of the best chemists in the lower tiers haven't been able to figure out its constituent components, not even from step 1. The last few years have seen a booming business, almost mafia-like, surrounding the real source of the stuff. Everybody gets it from someone, who gets it from someone, who gets it from someone. Like a huge pyramid scheme with no visible peak. You can get a hook up in five minutes, but you can't get an answer to save your life.

Howler's e-mail is a ghost town. You suspect he might have some private conversations on these forums... but logging in as him is a risk. Do the cops know his screen name? Are they watching the forums? Do the guys on the forums know that QueenSlave5 is the Tobu Robotics hacker? It might raise a lot of eyebrows if the man of the hour suddenly logs into his favorite message board.

You run a few scans for spyware and the like. You're having trouble telling if Howler was being set up, or if Howler's hiding more than his meager apartment suggests. The Howler you remember was a little too paranoid of "the man" to run a pillar for some stranger's computer.

The check comes back clean, though. Nobody was using this computer without being in this room.


Emerald 3rd Aug 2017, 12:51 AM edit delete reply
It seem there's two doors maybe one a closet? if so let check it