Comic 117 - Have a glance

Posted on 2nd Aug 2017, 10:30 PM in Blood on Mars
Have a glance

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Author Notes:

Morgenstern 2nd Aug 2017, 10:30 PM edit delete
You have a quick glance around the place to make sure nobody's creeping. The kitchen and Howler's room both seem devoid of life, roaches aside.

You check the big screen in the living room, but it's just a television. Much nicer than all the other garbage in Howler's apartment, too. Did he steal it, or "buy it" (from someone that stole it)?

You check the trash can for receipts, but find none. Hope Howler wasn't planning to return that television. All you find in the trash is soda cans, an empty plastic bag, and a couple of empty syringes.


DrBilly 2nd Aug 2017, 10:49 PM edit delete reply
Let's check out Howler's Room. I'm keeping an eye on that AC unit, though.